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Hiking in Rain to Waterfalls, Pisgah National Forest

Today we are going to the Pisgah Forest
to look for some waterfalls in the rain to hike the rain there are things you
should take like a rain jacket and things you shouldn’t take, like an umbrella. Wait babe, are you going to take your umbrella to the hike? Yeah. Finding the right footwear for the rain can be tricky. John and I are taking opposite approaches. He
is wearing water-resistant hiking boots and I am wearing
trail running shoes. As John painstakingly avoids puddles,
I am marching through mud and streams… Bring it on! My trail running shoes were soaked as soon as I stepped out of the car so now I am enjoying the freedom of not giving
a damn – the situation is not salvageable. This trail is also shared by mountain
bikers but in this rainstorm there isn’t another soul around and we have
the trail all to ourselves. It was tranquil and magical. To us,
the trail’s magic lies in the lushness of the vegetation and the dozens of rustic
log bridges crisscrossing Avery Creek. Other than these mushrooms and this
lazy snail, we didn’t see other notable wildlife. Are they all hiding
from the rain? Actually most snakes do avoid the rain but squirrels use their
tails as umbrellas and will venture out in rain – we just didn’t see any. Suddenly, hidden in the forest, high above
the forest floor appeared of waterfalls. We stood there in awe listing to the
roaring sound of the falls. The hike back was a lot quicker – John’s
boots were all soaked by then so he started to enjoy the freedom of not
giving a damn, although still with some trepidation. We highly recommend you go out in the rain and look for some waterfalls – the trees will be greener, the
trails will be all yours and if you are lucky, you may just encounter that squirrel holding up her tail as an umbrella

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