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Hiking in Hardangervidda NP and night hike to Trolltunga | Ночью на Троллтунгу

We passed the first part Only 1km But this part is very steep So I think it is hardest part now is much easier And time is 21:15 And ofcourse, as always, we started at evening And all hike is about 4 hours We should finish in midnight It will be already darkness We gonna sleep somewhere there And tomorrow morning we go back We passed 5 km for 2 hours And 6 km left But it’s easy I think it will take 1.5 hour Maybe 1h Time is 00:30 We almost reached, 400 meters more Fog, almost darkness Can’t see the signs Finally we reached Trolltunga Time is 00:45 I cannot see anything There is abyss How is there? Good view? Time is 12:00 and here is already a lot of people And all people are waiting in line for photo Trolltunga is like endless conveyer for photos There is a line and all people are making photos Nonstop Every day Thousands of same photos Millions And then they have same profile photos Mostly, people who visited Norway they going to Trolltunga But I think this place is nothing especial If you are going to Norway, go to Lofoten There is much better, than popular places like Trolltunga, Preikestolen and etc This is nothing This is how Trolltunga looks today, 10:00 morning A moment ago here was cloud and nothing to see, and in one moment got clear Some people propose on Trolltunga And according to old tradition, if girl refuses then men drop her down from Trolltunga and bring another one Alex: Or a men jumps down Before we started a hike, we hided all needless things Chargers, laptop, food etc. And all is in this bag, about 15 kg So if you are going with lot of things, just hide it in forest We came down and while we went, for 3 hours we counted 780 people, who went up For one day there is about 1000 visitors ♪ *Playing song about Magic Carpet* ♪ It was one of the candidates for the award “Imbecility and Courage 2016” ♪ *Playing song about Magic Carpet* ♪ Second candidate for the award “Imbecility and Courage 2016”

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3 thoughts on “Hiking in Hardangervidda NP and night hike to Trolltunga | Ночью на Троллтунгу

  1. Я с тобой согласен Язык Тролля -это культ,но стоит и туда забраться)))Крутое видео))В каких числах забирались???Я тоже в этом году там был

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