9 thoughts on “HIKING IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA – The heart of the Balkans

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this video!
    Your respect for the people and each culture is really beautiful as is your photography.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! The mountains you climbed to the old villages simply fantastic to see…. Great video and happy times!! Cheers 🍻

  3. Thank you for this video! I remembered the same places when I went through on Via Dinarica last year. And I met the same people as you. Bosnia is an amazing country with incredible history and the people here are amazing.

  4. Here in Switzerland, we have a thing called "Explora". It's a series of public presentations of extraordinary outdoor and travel experiences. I am convinced you would get a slot in there and your journey would be one of the jewels of the Season.

  5. Coup de cœur pour ce pays aussi. J'avoue ne pas avoir reconnu Blidinje et Prenj, vous êtes courageux d'avoir traversé ça sous la neige. En juillet j'ai eu le climat totalement inverse, et la grimpette pour monter à Prenj (quand on vient de Jablanica dont j'ai reconnu le pont détruit sur la vidéo) est mortelle avec la chaleur 🙂

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