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Hiking Hidden Falls- Auburn, CA [6]

OMG people. pick up your trash [K] it’s like you can’t use [J] it’s like a fine wine [A] haha if you say so Hi! Hi He’s so happy We went the wrong way [someone] CHECK THE MAP [J] I’m so bad with directions, there were only two paths and I chose the wrong one [K] i’ve noticed you’re bad with directions [J] why would people ask me then! [J] i’m just like, iono that one? where are we? [J] where those people are? [A] singing: i wanna be where the people are [J] why can’t i just be a normal person [A] Capture life moments who even wants to follow you around all these people behind me! ooo…. no… waterbottle down! it’s gone forever guys it had a good run it’s alright hard to do this with one hand Oh god… do you need help? it’s so nice out here yea so Yeah, we’re at hidden falls out in Auburn in California yea, california cause i’m from california but yea we’re just hiking and exploring It’s nice because there’s not too many people like a lot of places like Alamere, Mission Peak they’re crowded with so many people now but this is nice Like we still see people around but it’s not as packed or full of garbage and stuff (LET’S KEEP IT THAT WAY! PICK UP YOUR TRASH) trying to get over there is he actually tired? No. he hasn’t been drinking water do you need any water for him? oh my gosh everyone is waiting for you to walk ahead of us living the life [J] I know where the waterfall is we’re all lost keep going down this way till the bridge we found a nice stranger to help us this thing is super hot super super hot is that him up there? you guys wanna go up there? [A] I want to go up there Yea let’s go Overlook I want to go down there! don’t die it’s a goner! great we should probably find the others, i think they may have ditched us we found you guys! they went down there Alright there’s michelle with artie in the backpack we’re gonna head down gonna join the cool kids? i feel like i’m going to break a leg we can make it down We’re going to do this right? without anyone dying alright we made it without dying super nice there’s people staring at us over there no it was pretty, like it’s steep but it’s doable you’ll be fine! watch there’s a monster inside of this (i’m horrible) I’M SCARED like killer crocs hiding in there He’s going to come and snatch you up why are you so scared? you’re ok, you’re ok! you’ll be fine It’s hella deep did you touch the bottom? no What wow apparently there’s another way like we came from up there but they’re coming from over there yea! yay!!!! don’t eat it if you guys get poisoned… omg oh my god guys… one, two, three! omg we’re going to try and leave this way but yea we’re alive! i think we’re done exploring we’re going to head back now but… if we can find our way back heavy breathing artie! can you hold him? yes! i will take him for like a day if you ever need me to eat some treat eat some FAKE treat? i’ll just lean over so it looks like i have stuff in my hand bye guys they’re leaving they’re over by the porta potty finished the hike we left davis at 7:30am got here… takes an hour to get here but yea I think it’s like one o’clock right now and we’re super hungry so we’re gonna go get that and yea that was. good hike i liked it. it’s not a lot of people see ya yea take your sweet ass time [A] yea our time is sweet hahaha i ate like three of these already finished three plates now walk it off ugh…. *burp* excuse me it’s really good, but its 6$ nice cards at a lot of boba places they have cards and board games and other stuff for you to play with with a group of friends what we’re playing is uh. thirteen my cards really suck are you diamonds? one two three ooop [J] wait why can you put that down? [A] she’s putting it down a flush [J] how is this a? ohhhh cause as long as the three of diamonds is out with it i can do pair or like full house [J] so you have to do something higher? yea i mean any flush can beat it it’s like: flush, straight wait is it straight or flush? [A] flush beats a straight ok so straight, flush, full house, four of a kind [A] wait so you can just beat it like right now? with the other things that beat it? yea you can’t beat it with a diamond flush if it’s not higher than a king ok ok so you don’t necessarily have to play a flush right now? i’m tired [A] You slept all day! what? no i didn’t [A] you slept half a day i’m old and decrepit and need my sleep

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