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Hiking England: Pennine Way – Part 9, Horton in Ribblesdale to Hardraw

I’m outside the Pen-y-ghent Cafe in Horton
in Ribblesdale And I’m about to spend another day on the
Pennine Way It’s really really cold but I’ve got my full
waterproofs on I’ve got my full winter gear so lets head
on out and start getting warm I’m climbing on this track out of Ribblesdale
now It’s been kind of raining the last few days
and a little bit of snow so there’s little puddles and mud all over this track See up in the hills it’s just a bit of fog So I’m not seeing a great deal of stuff now But this is just nice Yorkshire Dales National Park scenery with these stone walls And then over there will be Ribblesdale, one of the dales from which Yorkshire Dales National
Park gets its name A dale is just a… just valley if anyone
is wondering, usually u-shaped, glaciated valleys This is quite a well graded bridleway but
walking on these rocks, I keep slipping and twisting my ankle People say that this section between Horton
in Ribblesdale and Hawes is probably one of the easiest sections of the Pennine Way even
though it goes up into the hills mainly because it’s walking along this track for such a long
way and this track is such an easy path to follow and it’s so easy on your feet
You could pretty much jog along the entire route If only the weather was a little bit better so I could see the Ribblehead Viaduct which
is a train track on the Settle to Carlisle railroad It’s fairly impressive to see it out by itself in the moors just before it goes through a tunnel Walking past some sheep but I’ve got to be
careful not to startle them too much because most of these will be pregnant awaiting lambing
season in a few weeks I’ll go slow and let them move out of the
way of us This is Ling Gill, it’s a National Nature
Reserve You see it’s a very deep kind of scar with
Ling Gill running through the bottom Here you can see Ling Gill which is a limestone
gorge and you can see all the trees growing on the bank because it’s simply too steep
for sheep to graze on, so this is sort of what the landscape would look like if there
wasn’t so much grazing around here This path I’m following is actually the course
of an old Roman road, so for thousands of years people have been using this Just imagine all the different people who have crossed it over the years And now there’s me in winter feeling very very cold but eager to get down to Wensleydale
and to Hawes So I think I’m going to put the camera away until then Hey, looks like I’m in a bit of a whiteout
here The things I do to make videos for you guys Finally making my way down to Wensleydale,
it’s going to be good to get out of the snow and into a nice warm pub I’m just having an explore of Hawes, now Hawes
is a little market town in Wensleydale Now Wensleydale is probably most famous for
its cheeses The Wensleydale cheese produced here for centuries
and centuries Now the reason Wensleydale’s cheese is famous,
well here in England, is most likely because of the Wallace and Grommit animated films Now Wallace is an inventor who has a passion for cheeses, and Wensleydale in particular
And when one of the shows came on the air sales of Wensleydale jumped by I think it
was 23% or something like that, so that just shows you the power of marketing That’s enough of me in Hawes, I’ve taken off my muddy zip offs and I’m going to head to
Hardraw now Which is where I’m going to be staying the
night It’s not too far away from here, it’s just
up there in the valley so the day is almost done After 6 hours I’ve finally got to my destination
here Hardraw and the Green Dragon Inn where I’ve booked myself in for the night It’s a pub as well as a bed and breakfast, it’s got a holiday cottage as well, so we’ll
see what this is like It looks really nice it’s quite an old looking
pub and it’s next to a church and by a river And it’s actually just a very small little
hamlet But it’s nice to be out of the cold it’s nice
to be able have a warm meal in a few minutes and I think I might have a little nap as soon
as I get my room Well I’ve just had a gammon steak and chips
and egg at the Green Dragon here in Hardraw and it was just what I needed
After a 15 mile hike through all that snow and then just to get to the pub, get my room,
have a sleep for an hour and then just go to the bar and have a drink and have a meal
Aww, it felt so good I’m probably going to have a bath now and
then I might just go straight to sleep because I’m pretty tired Well I was up at half five this morning to come for the long drive here, so yeah It’s actually a really nice pleasant place to stay The pub had quite a few local people in all talking with the landlord and he came over
and brought me extra vegetables and things like that
So yeah it was a really friendly place and I recommend it

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5 thoughts on “Hiking England: Pennine Way – Part 9, Horton in Ribblesdale to Hardraw

  1. hi Daniel, very nice video 1080 too,
    I actually live on the Pennine Way at Marsden, I dont think it is the ideal time to walk about tho, I guess you go where & when

  2. @DStaniforth when i went on the 24th there was no snow at all. was going to go today aswell but no point when its not going to be sunny.

  3. Thanks for the video Daniel. Ill be catching train up to Horton in Ribblesdale on 20th for a walk up and then camp on Pen Y Ghent so have a try at a walk down the Pennine Way see if I can make up upto the Green Dragon. I'm not the fittest person so may have to camp for night at some point. Looks like a good walk though, hopefully weather will be nice.

  4. Yes, the next morning. It's in part 10 of my series right at the beginning before I head off into some snow

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