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Hiking, Bushwhacking & Geocaching : How to Plan an Advanced Hike

Hi! I’m Kate with Zoar Outdoor on behalf
of talking to you about hiking and backpacking. If you are looking
for something more advanced while you are hiking, you can always bushwhack. This is
when you go off the trail and you use your map and compass or your GPS to get yourself
to a certain destination at the end of the day. There are a couple of things you need
to consider when you are bushwhacking. Don’t go too steep for the first time you have done
it. This is in the woods; there are no paths, you are going to be walking through difficult
terrain and brush so you want to at least know that the first day should be a little
bit easier than you would normally. When you are walking with a group of people, you don’t
want to make yourselves in a line. You actually want to spread out so that you can see each
other but you guys are all walking in different paths. You are not trying to make a path through
the woods. You are actually just trying to go through the woods just like a deer or moose
would. When you are bushwhacking and have packs on and you are looking ahead of you,
make sure you are not trying to go through trees that are too narrow for you and your
pack or anywhere that looks too difficult. You should scout your terrain as you walk
and find the best path to get yourself around it, always looking at your GPS or compass.
So when I bushwhack, I like to do it one day out of a multi day hike or for a couple of
hours and get myself back to a path but it really bumps up your hiking experience to
an advanced range. It’s not easy, but it can be a really enjoyable experience. You
will probably come across a lot more wildlife. When you set out to go bushwhacking, you are
going to want to make sure that you are in an appropriate area. There are certain regulations
for certain areas that won’t allow you to bushwhack. So look those regulations up and
know the area well. When you do bushwhack, you still want to walk quietly. Watch your
steps, make sure you are walking quietly through the woods and have a good time.

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