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Hiking Busan ft. A CAT | Almost Lost My Way! | Korea Vlog 15#

hey everyone today it’s Monday welcome back to my channel [Music] that’s cafes over there but I will give up the cat cafe and I was going to Angelina and I can I tell you this coffee tastes like not good later it’s time to go to vamos lá I arrived to vamos a station [Music] okay I hope this is the right direction to the temple vamos a temple after about eight minutes we went off at the vamos our tickets of this station here you have the maps so I’m currently here at the yellow spot and there is the Bombers a temple right here and many many trails around this mountain because it’s as you can see we are in the middle of the mountains I have about one hour because it’s getting dark soon it’s already after 4 p.m. but I hope to enjoy this hour yeah I don’t think I have enough time to go to the hiking trail go down bone pick but maybe the other trail is okay Northgate I will go there [Music] I left the main road to walk around of stones it’s so beautiful here [Music] I’m here all by myself so it’s better for me not to break my leg even though the temple is right over there so it’s okay if I will scream people will hear me I hope I hope I don’t want to die in the woods I have no idea what is this see the little creepy I don’t know why did that had a notes we have another one here it’s so pretty white boy can take picture of me here later after 20 minutes of me trying to take pictures of myself I started to understand that I’m losing my time here [Music] hey QD [Music] I will follow the cat I really love all she left me oh there she is she’s looking at me hey you’re so cute meow [Music] oh my god I just saw the cat from before and I knew I’m going in the right direction thank you cut she’s amazing I love cats I can’t save my life in the woods of Korea Thank You kitty you’re the best [Music] so yeah I saw the bus stop and I guess I finished this trail for today you have here this rest stop there is a convenience store over there [Music]

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