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Hiking Ap Lei Chau (Mount Johnston) | Hong Kong Travel Vlog

Hi I’m Amanda from Scatabout, Dean’s
filming at the moment and today we are going to be climbing Ap Lei Chau which is this mountain
in front of us here. The hike is about 3.6km and there is an elevation
of about 320 or so metres. The hike itself is an intermediate to advanced
hike and we are hoping it doesn’t rain. When we get to the top we should see some
great views across the harbour. Dean how was the walk up here?
A-OK, no it wasn’t too bad a bit slippery and steep in some places but managed to get
up here. It’s not actually that high but it’s
a lot of very steep slopes so you have to have a bit of fitness which is why I’m
ok but Amanda’s panting behind the camera. Sure
And you see this thing here? I touched it first which is the top and I
beat Amanda up here again. So I’m pretty proud of that. I’m ready to go back down now So does it look like I’m puffing and panting? No.
Yes- it’s about 5 to 10 mins later I’m not and Dean failed to mention that
I was the one that was scaling up the hill and everything first and that I got up here
first. But then he did his usual thing where he just
like walked past me and then touched this little white thing. And then even when I walked past him he was
like I still touched it first which was really annoying Anyway the thing is we took a route up here
which we thought was the right route I reckon it was
Well I don’t know, but there was another route which they said was more difficult with
ropes but we really could have used some ropes getting up here.That’s why I didn’t
really film much because I was scrambling up trying to hold on and not fall off the
cliff. Anyway needless to say, I beat Amanda.
It really pains me to say this but we didn’t finish the walk. It looked like it was going to rain and the
wind was so strong that I was concerned that we weren’t going to be able to get back
down the mountain properly. Look at Amanda going down. Much easier way than what we came up. This one has rope assistance. Let’s see if Amanda has mountain goat genes. Making it look easy. So we have just finished the hike. I thought it was a great hike and I would
definitely recommend it. I liked it for three main reasons. The first being that it is very close to public
transport so it’s on the light green line on the MTR and it’s only a short walk to
get to the start of the hike. The second reason that I really like it is
that unlike other Hong Kong hikes which are paved, this one doesn’t actually have any
paving, you have to climb up rocks and climb up ropes and things so it makes it much more
fun for me and makes it a bit more difficult. And the third reason I obviously liked it
because of the amazing view. So I definitely recommend going on this hike. And as I said before it’s a pity we didn’t
get to finish the hike because of the wind and the rain; however Dean we are just going
to have to go back and do it again. Yay!

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2 thoughts on “Hiking Ap Lei Chau (Mount Johnston) | Hong Kong Travel Vlog

  1. Love the video! I just posted a Hong Kong video too! If you don't mind checking out my channel, that would be awesome. If not, don't worry about it! 🙂 I am living and traveling in China!

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