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Hello guys, I wanna show you the room before I forget. This is the room where we are staying. We are staying at Tapa Tower. This Hilton has 5 towers and we’re at Tapa Tower. There is a mini bar with a coffee maker. There is a little mess. There is the king bed. Here is the TV. The TV and a desk. A small living room. And this is the best part of the room. This amazing view. Look. View of the city. Down there is the lagoon that belongs to the Hilton. The lagoon water is super cold. Wilson tried it yesterday. Now we’re heading to Diamond Head Trail. I was desperate for some workout and this is my chance to do some. So we’re gonna go to do the hiking at Diamond Head. The trail is really good, it has different trails, stairs and caves. I’m gonna try to show you everything in the video, there will be dark parts but we will try our best to show you everything. See you guys at Diamond Head Trail. This is the whole trail. It has tunnels and trails. Stairways. I wanted to show you that it was hard to get in here. You need to know, if you are coming that everything is cash, no cards. Is $5 the admission if you come with your car and $1 per person walk in. Is a long walk so come with your car. There is also a waiting line for the parking lot because there is too many people coming here and the parking lot is too small. Diamond Head is a volcano crater. It was product of a volcanic explosion of a Geyser. It looks like a diamond at the summit. Is actually a volcano crater. We’re walking right now in the center of the volcano crater. We’re surrounded by mountains. I will show you better when we get higher. The trail at the beginning is made of asphalt and later is all dirt trail a with stairs and tunnels. We wanna see it from the top because people say it has the best views of Hawaii. It takes like 30 min to do the trail. So let’s climb. We gotta go up there. It’s starting to get difficult to walk here. Is rocky and a lot of dirt. Is really awesome to know that this was a volcano 200 thousand years ago. It looks like lava right? All this rocks. This is one of the lookouts. If you can see it looks like is in the air. You can see there a bunker from World War II. Look at the ocean, how beautiful. And you can see the crater walls, all around us. Are you getting tired? Nope, I’m counting the steps. 74 steps. Is a little dark in here. But it looks good on the camera. Almost hit my head, is too narrow. Don’t break your skull please. This part is really inclined. I feel like people is gonna hit me and trying to avoid them I’m hitting myself. Let’s do it running. No beacuse I’m filming and I’m gonna fall. What are you doing? We’re inside a bunker now. This is how a bunker looks like. Take a look at the beautiful view of Honolulu. Look at the buildings. All the shore line. Look how many people up here. You can’t even walk. Take a look at the whole crater guys. 200 thousand years ago this was all full of lava. On our way down it started raining and Wilson says is delicious but not for me. It’s super cold.

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