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Hikes for Hopefuls

(upbeat music) – Hikes for Hopefuls is an
offsite adventure program. What we do is, it’s a group of volunteers a couple times a week. We grab a handful of shelter
dogs, and we hit the trails. We hit different areas. And the whole goal for us, really, is to see how these dogs do
in a real life environment. So we see how they do in car rides. We see how they do around other dogs. We see how they react to
bikes and people jogging and everything that they might encounter in a real life situation
to try and help set them up as successful as they can
be in their new homes. – [Breanna] Do a little
bit of training with them and kinda just get ’em
out for a long hike and… – [Talia] Hikes for
Hopefuls is an offsite… – It helps them be calm in their kennel, kind of calms them down all around. A lot of our dogs that
come out almost immediately get adopted, they show better, and I think that kinda shows
a lot when people are walking through the kennel and see how
dogs act inside the kennel. – Almost all these dogs, they
come back, they show better. And it’s really proving to
increase their adoption rate. – We got about 150 dogs
out through the year. We started last April. This year I think we’re close to… (two people talking at the same time) – It’s such a highlight
for us to see these dogs outside in an environment
that we wish that they could live in every single day. We want our dogs to be outside. We want them to be adopted
and taken for walks. And to just give them
a little piece of that while they’re with us is so rewarding. (upbeat music) – It’s very relaxing, you
know you’re volunteering, you’re doing a good thing and of course it’s always fun
to work with some puppies. – The program, I think it
wouldn’t be as successful without the volunteers. Again, we are trying to
help set up our dogs up for real life situations. – I think it kind of helps people as well. You know, enrich their lives
and they’re doing a good thing. (upbeat music)

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