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Hiker’s log – Veluwezoom 11km (Juli 2016)

It is July and midsummer:
it’s sunny but not too hot. These are ideal conditions
for a nature walk. On this day, I have selected
an 11km route, through (Dutch)
National Park ‘Veluwezoom’. The walk through, mainly,
forested areas, starts at 10-minute walking
distance from the Train station
at ‘Dieren’. The first part of the route
leads me through the hilly
‘Onzalige bossen’ (unholy forests). Here I’ll have do bit of
very light climbing. Once upon a time, these forests
were part of the Prince of
Orange’s hunting domain. Magnificent animals!: Near
the Carolinahoeve, I stumble upon a few Scottish cows, which are
allowed to roam freely throughout
the National Park. At the restaurant: ‘Carolinahoeve’,
I’m having lunch! (note: Mondays and Tuesdays closed). At this spot, the sandy hiking
trail crosses the paved cycle paths. A footpath along the restaurant
takes me back into the woods. A few kilometers down the path,
the landscape changes. The afternoon sun lights up the
abundance of scrub. It’s a
beautiful sight. Just past the edge of the forest,
the heathlands begin. The landscape is simply beautiful. The viewpoint: ‘Posbank’,
is very popular. It provides a great, full, view
of the surrounding landscape. The grazing sheep in the heath
fields spark my imagination. Nostalgic youth sentiment
of vacations as a child. The heather is not yet blooming,
but it won’t be long now. Soon, purple will be the top tone. After crossing the heath fields,
I spot a herd of Exmoor ponies. Like the Scottish cows, Exmoor
ponies also roam freely
throughout the National Park. A little later, I leave the
the heath fields behind me. After a 30-minute walk through
the forest, I reach the
town of Rheden. There I catch the train home….. Ondertiteling:(P) 2017 Albert

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