Hikers flock to Lulumahu Falls

avid hikers in Hawaii. Good evening, I’m Pamela Young. No trespassing signs have little effect on visitors to some of Hawaii’s off-limits trails. KITV4’s Roger Mari has more on that forbidden hike on Nuuanu Pali Drive. This is the prize at the end of the half hour hike from the Pali Highway, Lulumahu Falls. Dozens come and go and on this Sunday afternoon, it’s standing room only. Part of the allure is the adventurous hike to the falls which is manageable for just about anyone of any age. 05:02 – 05:09 “THERE’S A BAMBOO FOREST YOU GET TO GO THROUGH, YOU CROSS OVER THE STREAM AND YOU GET BACK THERE TO A BEAUTIFUL WATERFALL. IT’S A PRETTY EASY HIKE TO DO.” “Some beliveve social media is playing a big role in the increase of visitors coming out here to lulumahu falls.” 12:47 – 12:49 “ABSOLUTELY, OTHERWISE I WOULD HAVE NEVER KNOWN ABOUT IT.” 42:19 – 42:27 “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH TEH PICTURES? I’M GOING TO POST THEM ON INSTAGRAM, I’M GOING TO POST THEM ON FACEBOOK ON TWITTER HOPEFULLY GET A FEW LIKES.” There’s just one problem, no one is permitted to be here at Lulumahu Falls but not everyone takes the Do Not Enter sign seriously. Authorities fear it might be a matter of time before someone gets injured at lulumahu falls or on the hike there. 31:56 – 32:09 “WHAT ABOUT THE SIGN HERE SAYING DON’T COME UP HERE, YOU KNOW THE STEPS, HAHA, YA, ACTUALLY I FORGOT ABOUT THOSE I DID RECALL SEEING SOME.” 13:01 – 13:06 “THERE ARE SIGNS POSTED, NO ENTRY BEYOND THIS POINT BUT THERE ARE QUITE A FEW PEPLE BACK THERE. 29:15 – 29:22 “WHY DO YOU THINK THERE ARE SIGNS WARNING PEOPLE? I DON’T KNOW, THEY MIGHT THINK IT’S DANGEROUS BUT IT’S REALLY NOT THAT DANGEROUS AT ALL.” Visitors today are taking advantage of this opportunity. 43:06 – 43:15 “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, THEY CLOSED THAT I’VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO DO IT AND THAT WAS ONE OF THE HIKES I RELLAY WANTED TO TRY SO IF THEY CLOSE THIS IT WOULD JUST BE ANOTHER DISAPPONITING THING.” With more posting pictures at Lulumahu Falls on social media outlets, it could be an upstream battle for the state to keep people safe from the unpredictablity of Mother Nature. Roger Mari, KITV4 News. A major deadline is

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