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ALLEGEDLY FAILING TO CALL 911. POLICE SAY SHE BECAME UNRESPONSIVE INSIDE AN APARTMENT NEAR THE MONTECILLO AREA. AMERICA LATER DIED AT THE HOSPITAL. SALGADO REMAINS IN JAIL WITHOUT SUMMER IS FAST APPROACHING AND WITH THE WARMER TEMPERATURES… MANY WILL ENJOY HIKING. BUT AFTER ONE HIKER WAS INJURED AND LOST FOR SEVERAL DAYS.. AUTHORITIES END UP LOST.Stephanie (on cam): RESCUE PATROL SUGGEST THE BEST WAY TO STAY SAFE DURING YOUR HIKES IS TO STAY ON THE DESIGNATED TRAILS AND ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTLE OF WATER WITH YOU.hiking on rocks Stephanie: WHEN HIKERS locate him hiking up the trail which I believe is about four miles each way which is a really difficult terrain.” Stephanie: THE TEXAS RESCUE PATROL IS ONE OF MANY FIRST RESPONDER GROUPS…SAYING HIKER RESCUES ARE COMMON IN THE WARMER MONTHS. Jamil MoutranChief: “ultimately the search was succesful, rescuers on scene were able to locate the hiker and embedded technology in those applications that you and your family members can use to track each other.” Stephanie: RESCUERS ENCOURAGING HIKERS TO TRAVEL IN GROUPS..WEAR BRIGHT CLOTHING…HYDRAT E…AND STAY ON DESIGNATED TRAILS. Elias Adair: “That was also a big issue we had last time, a hiker actually left about two miles from the trail so it’s a very far distance if you can stay as close as you possibly can to the trail.” Stephanie: THE RESCUE PATROL SAYS MANY REASONS HIKERS NEED RESCUING ARE DUE TO HEAT

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