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Hiker rescued from Manitou Incline during blizzard

while hundreds of people were stranded on roads across southern Colorado around a dozen first responders tied up elsewhere Manitou and Colorado Springs firefighters rescuing a lost hiker on the incline in blizzard conditions our Sam Cramer was there to watch this in a story you’ll only see on news 5 Sam the firefighters tell me a man in his late 60s decided to hike the incline without proper winter weather a tire quickly became wet and cold and then needed a rescue and their message now just be smart it doesn’t matter how many warnings are sent how hard the wind is blowing or how much snow has fallen Colorado’s like clay Caldwell will still find a way to go for a hike I saw snow day blizzard option is let’s go today but with a blizzard of historic proportions impacting much of southern Colorado first responders would rather you stay inside preventing highly technical and time-consuming rescues like what happened Wednesday at the Manitou incline we wouldn’t recommend hiking in weather like this unless you’re prepared and experienced in it make sure you have the proper equipment it took firefighters an hour to hike along bar trail up to an unexperienced hiker and not without their own hazards there’s some ice there’s some slippery spots there were a number of trees that were being knocked over by the weight of the heavy spring snow and the winds the 69 year old man was underdressed and in turn wet and cold along the incline we were afraid of hypothermia which in this type of weather that’s what we have to be careful of so we have to make sure that he was it was warm right away using this basket in ropes they were able to wheel him down safely in all a two and a half hour operation one they like to avoid the next time a major storm hits sometimes it might be best just stay home there you have it firefighters say the man is in stable condition and because many of you have asked online to bill for all of this well that falls on to you the taxpayer always watching out for you southern Colorado Sam Cramer news 5

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