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Hiker rescued after falling off trail in Ka’a’awa

Fire personnel have once again been busy rescuing injured hikers from dangerous hikes. Today they saved a man who fell off the Keaau Ridge in Waianae .. That’s just a day after a risky rescue in Kaaawa.. KITV 4’s Paul Drewes details the high number of rescues in high places — in our top story at 6:30. scariest you tube footage Take a look at the breath-taking view of this ridge hike along the Koolau mountains. Steep drop offs are just some of the hazards of the Puu Manamana trail – one of the islands more dangerous. :35 “its very narrow, the rock can be very crumbly sometimes you think you an get a handhold but instead the rock comes off in your hand — there are also some tricky rope sections you have to navigate” Those who successfully navigate the trail end up with a view to die for…unfortunately that has also been the case for less experienced hikers 10:03 “puu manamana and 3rd peak of olomana both of those have fatalities, multiple fatalities over the past few years” show yesterday’s rescue In Sunday’s rescue, a hiker fell 25 feet off the trail and slid another 150 feet down the mountainside. But fortunately others were able to call for help and rescuers could reach the victim. That is not always the case. 6:37 “Because of weather or visibility there will be certain condtions where we won’t be able to get to a person by helicopter or by foot depending on the severity of the conditions.” Everyone should follow simple safety tips when hitting the trails: graphic here pay attention to the weather and your surroundings go with a partner or group and know your limits but many are still putting themselves in danger because even the most precarious and breath-taking spots are simply a click away. 5:48 there is an increase of people going onto more hazardous sites ones that have been shown on the internet with very beautiful and spectacular scenery and they draw a lot of people to those sites 2:59-3:06 People often blog about hikes and they make it really exciting and they forget to say it can be dangerous. Just over two hours ago, two hikers were on the Keaau trail when on of them fell 50-100 feet off the ridge. He was airlifted to the hospital in serious condition. For those that would like to become expert hikers — the Hawaiian trail and mountain club hits a different trail every sunday — led by experienced guides. Paula.

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