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Hiker rescue underway at Aiea Loop Trail Monday morning

for SEVEN hikers who spent the night on the Aiea Loop Trail. KITV4’s Nana Ohkawa joins us live with the latest. Nana? Those 7 hikers called for help at about 7 last night. But rescue efforts are being held off until first light today. Fire officials will need a helicopter to rescue the hikers. A total of 5 fire companies responded to the call last night. HFD says the hikers started at Moana-lua valley and made their way to the summit to get to the Aiea Loop Trail. Officials say the hikers were off trail and became disoriented as it became dark and became unable to find their way. From an aerial search HFD did find the hikers at night located on a ridge– in a remote place.. overlooking the H-3 freeway. . Officials say it was too dark and cloudy to continue the rescue efforts.. But will do that this morning. The hikers do have a cell phone and the G-P-S coordinates of where they are have been saved. The hikers will be rescued individually from the ridge using a sling from a helicopter. The lost hikers may have been with another group of 3 hikers who were able to get rescued and walked out yesterday night.

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