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Hiker alleges attack in Palmer Park on social media, CSPD investigating

Elizabeth watts our top story tonight a social media post about an alleged attack in Palmer Park this week has gone viral causing widespread concern in the springs and beyond News fives Jessica beretta watching out for you tonight with what police are saying about this and what you can all do to stay safe on our local trails Jessica Rob Elizabeth police say serious tez did file a police report today so they can start trying to piece together what happened and they say by simply being more attentive hikers can stay safer when they head to the trails hi I needed to report an assault the call came into dispatch Tuesday evening serious des a hiker at palmer park describing the moment she passed out and woke up believing she’d been attacked I was like dragged away from my stuff and like the way the different places where I’m injured were just like places that would be hit when you legs would fall or something like that Estes had already been treated in the hospital posting these pictures along with the description of the incident on Facebook the post quickly making rounds on local community pages but earlier this afternoon police said Estes hadn’t filed a police report I listened to that recording in which you know she was talking about an assault that occurred in the park so they reached out to her on social media hoping she would help them open an investigation we can’t take information you know off of a social platform and open up a criminal investigation we have to talk to the victim hikers I spoke to at Palmer Park say their feeling of safety hasn’t changed I personally haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary and police say they shouldn’t since people to people crimes in city parks are very rare they are very safe environments do we have events that occur occasionally absolutely but to take precautions they add it’s important to pay attention to your environment just be aware of our surroundings ensuring that we’re not on our cell phones we’re not texting just always having a word and let people know where you’re at since this is still an open investigations police cannot yet confirm what kind of crime if any occurred we will continue to follow this investigation as it develops always watching out for you Colorado Springs Jessica barreto news 5 Jessica thanks to Newton

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