Take my hand let’s go for a hike,
put on your helmet and jump on my bike, Let’s go for a ride to the nearest path,
along the way we can stop to pick up trash. It feels so good to help the planet,
pop out your booty so you can tan it. Exploring each other as we increase in elevation,
look into my eyes enjoy the sensation, of being outside in the fresh air,
put on your sunglasses to block out the glare, and don’t forget to wear a long brimmed hat,
maybe if we’re lucky we’ll see a wild cat, to be safe we better stay back,
did I mention you have a nice rack? Let’s run through this open meadow
and I will be your number one fellow. “Hike With Me Show Me Your Boots,
Hike with me come on let’s let loose, Hike with me show me your boots,
Our love tree is about to sprout roots.” It’s springtime and the flowers are in bloom,
this grassy nook is way better than a room. I really like your boots I can’t wait to knock
them, prepare to lose your socks cause I’m about
to rock um. Curling our toes into the dirt,
come on and kiss me don’t be such a flirt. No ones around it’s only you and me,
do you feel like climbing a tree? Branch by branch we’ll get to the top,
is our love real or just a flop? I don’t know but I’m willing to risk it,
I can assure you I’m not a limp biscuit. So put your boots on and take a chance,
Let’s hold hands skip and dance, until we reach the top of this hill,
I’ll be Jack and you can be my Jill. “Hike With Me Show Me Your Boots
Hike with me come on let’s let loose Hike with me show me your boots
Our love tree is about to sprout roots.” Boots were made for walking and that’s just
what we’ll do, step by step till our feet turn blue, wearing thick socks so we don’t get blisters,
next time we hike bring your two sisters. Having so much fun hiking together,
It really doesn’t matter what the weather, rain or shine it’s only mud,
you be my filly and I can be your stud. This horse has run free for such a long time,
I want you in my stable by the end of this rhyme. Cause I need a real love that won’t leave
me in turmoil, Like oak tree roots in the topsoil. Providing such a great foundation,
growing into a love plantation That we will harvest at the right time
The time is now will you be mine?

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