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Hike to the streamtrypis- Parnasos

Greetings, In this video we will describe the circular route we made in Parnasos mountain starting from Tithorea village which in on the foot of the mountain we just passed through Parori and we are heading to Tithorea we are going to hike on a route that is not clear as a path and not well known Here is Gianni… Our driver and we hope sometime to clean it and make it hikeable Tithorea is located 165 km Nw from athens and is also reachable by train. The peaks of Parnasos… and Tithorea back there… go to the right we have arrived in Tithorea….. In this village lived and had his hideout a hero of the year 1821 (Greek Revolution) Odysseas Androutsos who’s cave is accessible by foot and in a short distance from the village. we’re heading to Androutsos statue… Odysseas Androutsos used to live here his hideout is somewhere behind those… those hills.. those rocks there is a path driving there, but we ll go another time this is Velitsa gorge … there is also some water there expected at this season you know where you ll go? i wish i knew where they intent to take me..! the are many nice paths there Hi Eleni, did you arrived? You are in Chamokela… continue a bit more, there is some space to park and you ll see us, we are two guys, a long haired and a bold one good!!!! Eh for her to find us easily, since its the first time she will see us our trip intention was to explore… and to see if we can clear and open a path which leads to the stream of Trypi and its waterfalls the other two members of our team was Gianni, a friend and fellow hiker and Eleni who is an experienced hiker and with the help of compass, map and gps… she led us to the slopes and the streams of the place Our route started from Tithorea and by following the path by Velitsa gorge we headed to the chapel of Saint Georgios Until there we came across many local people who where on their way bach from the chapel since our trip was on the 23rd of April. On Saint Georgios celebration. Hello! (saying something about women and collecting flowers) By the chapel we met some people including the parents of a friend of mine eeh.. near Metsovo.. Some of them where insisting that we would never get to our target because we took the wrong way No, no, this is the way we want to go But they proposed to help us and come to pick us with a car in case we would grow tired in some part there is an access through a country road You where not supposed to go with Panos there? (his son) Yes, this was the initial plan but we couldnt come earlier this is why he didnt came next time you should arrange to go from the other side. It will be much easier our next station was Achladitsa where there was a clear path until some point from there and on and for all the rest of our trip we started our adventure.. we crossed(slopes with stones and pebble) There is a long way down here… thick vegetation… i have the feeling that we are lost… the others are saying that they are tracking the path… that we are converging to the route But my opinion is that we are lost! Did we found the path? Its not so easy for me to get through the trees since im tall we climbed cliffs… we descended slopes… we ascended and descended over again until we found our way. mission imposible! Go for it Gianni, you can do it! watch your grip… oh! carfull, are you ok? im just saying that… From Saint Georgios we arrived to a clearing with amazing view and we took a break Next station: Potistides it was a gorge with a creek. Beautiful view and took another break for some photos. there was no passage from there… there where vertical cliffs and we couldnt pass… Then we went to the creek of the gorge and by crossing it we continued to our main target The stream of Trypi. We are getting near the creek, and i think we will go to the other side… on our way ascending and descending the mountain slopes so we could be on the theoretical path marked in Eleni’s gps we finally made it to our goal more mint here… this place is amazing… there seems to be possible to go over there but we will not go this time, in order not to be late, but we will make it another time Next stop Tsares, the tireness, the rough soil the thick vegetation and the 10 km we made until there tired us . But we arrived after some time getting here and there like always to a place that is a crossroad and a spot for camping for the people who wants to reach Liakoura peak (highest peak of the mountain) from this spot an on, the trail was very easy since there is a clear path with no big variation of the elevetion, that leads to Saint Ioannis, to our last break . how do you feel? i dont feel, i dont feel…! i can say its shocking there is a rock over there imposing rock.. very imposing extremely imposing Eleni started to walk faster Eleni is started the countdown to the next stop Eleni is saying something but i dont understand.. Eleni how much we made? 8? 7? countdown ohh look at that! hey look, f****ng nice heh? -At this point can you say that there is something that you like? -Its terrific guys… you are not convincing me! im not convinced at all! -Its very very nice -im not yet convinced -but the tavern will be far more nicer… The night fell. I almost stepped in some water… i hope it was water and not anything else… i m just narrating. describing… no problem… expecting to have dinner to Giannis(inside joke) its like>>> At the and we arrived back to Tithorea and we took our last and very important break At the and we arrived back to Tithorea and we took our last and very important break … to a local taverna And we (over)replenished the calories we ‘ve burnt this day yeeeeah hearts!! epilogue Trypis stream is a nice place to visit, but to reach it is a difficult thing and takes a lot of time. except if we go from tsares To clean and open a path is a difficult task that requires lot of work and time… Except if we ll find another way to go there… thanks for watching

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