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Hike to explore Giang Ta Chai Village (Dzao Tribe) | Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam Travel Video (Part 3)

So this is our second day of the hike. We’re
heading to our third village and then afterwards when we finish we’re taking a bus back to
Sapa and then this evening we’re taking a train to Hanoi, so we’ve got a really busy
day. Well now that it is day two I can say with
absolute certainty this is the most scenic hike I’ve ever taken in my whole life. Anyone
who visits Vietnam definitely make time to go on this type of hike. It is phenomenal. So right now we’ve got a bit of shady reprieve.
We’re walking through the bamboo forest. Quite tired at this point and the terrain
is getting really muddy. I just wore flip flops. Owe! Something bit me! Oh my gosh and
there is the largest spider I’ve seen in my life. Where? So what just happened there? There is fresh
shit for us to hop over. This pretty much wraps up our hiking tour
here in the Northwestern part of Vietnam. It was a great experience but also very tiring.

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9 thoughts on “Hike to explore Giang Ta Chai Village (Dzao Tribe) | Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam Travel Video (Part 3)

  1. another classic travel video. I love Audrey's reaction to the exhausting hike. Ive got to say I wouldnt be much different then her.

  2. Haha, I didn't realize it would be such an exhausting hike. I slept like a sack of potatoes that night. 😉

  3. Hello you two. i love your videos.
    i have some questions for you.
    We are going to Vietnam, Thailand, Tokyo and the Philippines next year and we are totally nubes. Can you name some dues and don`ts?
    Did a spider really bite you in this video?? Are there a lot of spiders in the places mentioned?

  4. Hi Kristin, we've been to Thailand and Vietnam so far and they have both been really easy places to travel through. I think the biggest tip I can give you is to shop around and try different travel agencies when you're looking to book tours and transportation once you get here. You'll often be able to get a better deal if you do so. Also be mindful of national holidays because hotels/hostels can get booked really fast during those times. Aside from that, just have fun. 😉

  5. And yes, some kind of insect did bite me, but that could happen anywhere. Nothing major. 😉

  6. Don't ever go on that type of hike w/o proper trekking sandals or boots. If you get a blister in the boonies you are in trouble. It can easily get infected. Flip flops .. really Audrey!

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