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Hike to Buffalo peak

Vrum vrum! So, it will be our first hike to the peak. Peak. We are elevated a little bit already but we’re going to hike even higher. Yes, so we will see how it will go. Will see. Domas fell asleep. (breathing deeply) This dude climbed the mountain This dude carried him to the mountain. With two backpacks: one in front, other on the back, can you imagine? How do you feel? Good “Daddy” We did it! It’s so nice! Lunch time! We did it. We did it, we walked from that parking lot 3km 500m (2.1 miles) in 1 hour 40 minutes but we were climbing steep, all the time up, it was not walking around flats. On ladders. Yeah, and Paulius was carrying Domas on the back an all photo equipment on the front, so… I’m thinking we did pretty good First bigger hike Actually first when we actually reached a summit With Domas In this season. Oh, with Domas in general it’s first time. Domas is eating strawberries We just ate cherries And we still need to go back down Nom! We beat it! Yeah, so we hiked 7km (4.3 miles) I mean 7km roundtrip and two and a half hours. Like a joke! – Pff
– Pff

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