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Hike To Blackrock Mountain Summit

the rocky summit of Blackrock Mountain
North Carolina provides one of the rare 360 degree long-range views into
southern Appalachian Mountains the trailhead is across from the water Rock
Visitor Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway it’s a high and fairly difficult out
and back trail in dense fir forests that crosses the 6k summit of yellow face
Mountain and takes about two hours to reach the Black Rock summit. Highlights
are the amazing diversity of plant life in summertime a grave marker with a
great final view an old abandoned lumber camp from the early 1900’s and lots of
big trees blown down on the narrow ridges by recent hurricanes there are
usually signs of bear activity in this video you’ll see both winter and summer
views the reward of reaching the small rocky Black Rock summit are well worth
the effort

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12 thoughts on “Hike To Blackrock Mountain Summit

  1. I was very beautiful scenery. Do you know what kind of butterfly that one was it sure was pretty ? Thank you for sharing this video was really nice.I live in Northern New England where the Appalachian trail is right out my front door. 👍💖😊

  2. Do you carry a weapon for self-defense? A transponder in case you get injured, lost and need rescue? Many hikers are going missing in wildernesses of North America. Great video

  3. It's breath taking views my Great Grandma half Cherokee called them Shaconage mountains. I could almost picture a bear clawing away at the log looking for grubs. Very enjoyable video. Thank you.😄 for sharing .

  4. Thanks for taking us along on this superb hike BB. The bears really know how to work the dead-fall. Amazing fungi and views.

  5. Awesome! I really enjoyed watching your video. I'm also trying to build interest in my adventure videos… would love if you could check out mine and possibly subscribe. I'm open to any input. Thanks!

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