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Hike Through a River at The Narrows – Zion National Park

On our way to Zion National Park! With our friends Janie… she’s really excited. And Kathy. I’m excited. She’s excited too. So we made it to Zion National Park but it’s
already like 11. And we left at 6:30. We didn’t calculate the time change here,
so they’re like an hour ahead. Yup, we lost some time. Yup, oh well. So then we’re going to try the… The Narrows. We walk through a river. That’ll take about 4-5 hours all together
but it’s gonna be fun! Yeah, it’s one of the easy hikes. It just takes awhile. Says “Top 5 Easy Hikes, Riverside Walk” Oh ok. Oh, watch those poles! Don’t carry them that way. Carry them upright. You’re gonna kill me. Got our water hiking shoes on. We’re ready. Gatorade! Need to hydrate because it’s like 100 degrees
today. It’s really hot and there’s a lot of people
because it’s Labor Day weekend. We’re all waiting for a shuttle to take us
there right now. It’s gonna be a long journey up there. Hopefully we get a seat because I don’t want to be standing for 45 minutes. Hahaha! So this is our stop, here at 1. And then we gotta go all the way
down to here. Water! Cold water. We’re starting our hike to the Narrows. It’s already getting hot. So freakin hot. Whoa! Hey there buddy. I wonder why they’re so friendly. I’ve never seen them so upclose. Look at how cute! Oh my goodness it’s touching! Did it bite? No, I think he’s trying to get something. Hahahaha! Oh my gosh, that’s so cute. We made it! This is the Narrows. We’re gonna go walk through this a little
bit. The water’s actually really cold. Feels nice. I can feel it through the socks and the shoes. I know. It took us 30 minutes to walk here to this point. So we’re gonna go check it out! Wobbly… Yeah, be careful. Kathy’s like, “we look like zombies”. Hahaha I know, we do! You did it! OMG! I was so scared I was going to fall. Woohoo! Alright, we finally made it to the waterfall. It’s quite the hike because this water stream… the current’s in the opposite direction. So we’re slowly moving like zombies, hahaha! So that took another 30 minutes. It’s 2:30 now. Yeah, I feel like we only went… how far? It’s not even that far but the stream and avoiding the rocks and everything, it’s a little difficult to get here, but it’s fun! It’s a lot of fun. I love this. And it’s not that hot because the water is so cold. Yeah, I love the cool water. Yes, I’m so happy I’m not sweating my butt off. Hahaha! Yay good job!

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23 thoughts on “Hike Through a River at The Narrows – Zion National Park

  1. The squirrel at 2:33 is super cute! I've heard of how beautiful Zion is, but seeing it in video is a whole other experience. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful place! Especially the waterfall at 4:00 was impressive, it's kind of different from your standard one. The crowds seemed a bit overwhelming though…

    And having to deal with time zones in one country, such a bizarre idea.

  3. Drove past there last year. Really wish we would have stopped. That scene with the squirrel and baby was adorable.

  4. Lovely capture. Big like to the video as always 👏👌
    What an amazing place this is. Enjoyed watching it 😃

  5. Very nice and informative video about your adventures in this amazing National Park. Great job capturing amazing views. Looks like it kind of crowded. We were blessed with an opportunity to visit Zion National Park and we did a short hike to Canyon Overlook.

  6. great video! we did this trail back during labor day weekend and the place was PACKED! so i didnt feel like we truly experience it. so we're planning on going back when it's less crowded. although we did do the Observation Point hike and it was AMAZING! anyway, thanks for sharing this! Cheers ~Sara

  7. On such a hot day it must be a relief to walk in the river for a while. I am amazed to see how many people were on this hike. The squirrels are obviously very used to people. The baby's interaction with the squirrel was cute.

  8. Hey, that must have been such a cool experience walking in water. At first, I was thinking how are you going to walk on water. The place looks awesome. And yes, the squirril was so gutsy.

  9. Such a gorgeous park! Are those mostly 'tourists'? Or do alot of locals head there for weekend/staycation style outings too? I had no idea hiking was so popular in the US, very good to see. Great video too!

  10. This looks like a fun adventure! I hate having wet shoes/socks but the views look like they're worth it!

  11. Cool! Zion National Park is one of the parks in my US bucketlist! Noticed that the walkway was crowded, when did you visit? Was it tourist peak season?

  12. What a great trip. Looks like you all had fun even with the time change snafu… 🙂 I would love to go up to Zion National Park and spend some extended time up there…so much to see!

  13. ha ha Janie seems so disinterested in facing the camera in the first shot. Well, the drive looks wonderful and so scenic. 2:37 cutest part. The hike through the river looks amazing as well.

  14. oh ya, Utah is one hour ahead of us. Dang, so many people there! cool that you can see so many animals there! Dang, that kid's gonna get rabies from the squirrels!! it's so scenic there and walking on the water seems cool.

  15. Looks like my kind of hike, but I think I would start super early to avoid the heat. I can't believe that squirrel let the kid touch it! The water crossing was really cool (literally too I guess)!

  16. I've always wanted to hike the narrows, but I tend to hit the national parks more off-season. Did you go back after the waterfall? 😉 Did you rent the water socks and shoes?

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