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Hike Table Rock | Boise, Idaho (Vlog)

So here we are. Here we are right behind
the old Idaho penitentiary because today we are doing one of Boise’s most famous
hikes, most popular hikes, the hike to Table Rock. Yes it’s so popular and so
famous that living here my entire life I have never done it. I just usually drive
to the top of Table Rock and look down. Yeah. You park at the old penitentiary
down here there’s a big parking lot no fees involved.
You take the Table Rock trailhead which is… Don’t get confused. Just look at the
cross and pick a trail that goes towards the cross because you got 15a, 17, 15b, 14, 18, all these different trail numbers and you’re like, where do I go?
Don’t worry about numbers and this and that. I would just say use your common
sense. There’s the cross, here’s a trail, go for it. So we’re gonna use Chad’s common sense today and so if you don’t see this or you find this in a year with our
bodies that’s what happened. If it doesn’t work out ignore my advice. So
let’s just head towards the cross. How do you feel? I feel pretty good. You
know, it’s a nice gradual incline. Actually the hiking temperature is
perfect. I’m like warm but not too warm and before ski season, November. I
mean hello here we are in Boise Idaho and we’re waiting for the snow to show
up, but it’s still like 50 degrees out. Ok people one thing to keep in mind here
there’s a restroom at the trailhead but there’s not one up here. So Jon’s been
filming me going up mainly because I’m a faster hiker than he is so I’m in front but
he’s been behind me a lot and what I want to know is does this backpack make my butt look big? Yaaaayyyyy! This is something you don’t see a whole lot of in pictures. Cell phone towers? Well it’s actually privately owned land and that
is why the cross is here. Throughout the years it’s been a bit controversial but
the private owners of this land have decided to keep that cross there. I don’t
really attach too much religious value to it. I just attach the fact that hey
it’s cool we got this giant cross on this cliff here over
Boise that’s lit up at night but this is a wonderful plateau regardless of whether you like the cross or not. It’s a great view of Boise. Let’s say you got
someone that’s got a bum knee. The person with the bum knee drives a car up and then
the people who want to hike up from the bottom can hike up and meet you here and
then the people that just want to hike down can hop out of the car and hike down.
You got something for the whole family right. Here’s another exciting
thing about Table Rock is a labyrinth of caves that descend beneath the rocks. Not really. This is probably the biggest one but we do have some modern-day
petroglyphs and pictographs here. When I was a kid we used to come here and we
pretend there’s buried treasure back here in a cave, but nonetheless it’s
pretty cool, buried caves, Jon, foothills beyond. So as
you’ve probably noticed most of this video has been Chad and that’s because… I’m an expert hiker probably more than Jon My forms really good. I think that’s
because I’m just a superior athlete to Chad. So carrying all this
gear, running ahead of him, shooting back. I’ve basically been running circles around
him as he slowly and methodically, I would say trudged is a good word. Chad
how long do you think that took us even with all that dilly-dally. Even with
all of our dilly dallying an hour to the top? At tops. It’s not that
far it’s not the Greenbelt you’re not walking on flat ground there is
elevation gain it’s a bit of a butt burner but… get it… butt. It’s nice it’s a
nice good hike. I would call it a moderate hike. Please subscribe to the
channel for more adventures in and around Boise in and around Idaho and
beyond. Follow us on social media. If you have any questions about the area… Where was I? If you have any questions for us we’d
love to see it in the comment section below. Thanks for watching… Watch for rocks. And we’ll see
you next time.

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