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Hike Smarter with Hiking Project

Hi, I’m Carl, and I’m one of your experts.
On my quest to find ways technology improves well-being, I’ve found Hiking
Project: an app that is helping me live a healthier and happier life while I’m out
enjoying trails. I spend at least one weekend each month getting out into the
woods for hiking and camping. It’s a place where I can leave everything at
the trail head and lose myself in nature. Funny that I say “lose myself” because I’m actually a little afraid of getting lost.
When I’m out hiking, you know making a wrong turn can be the difference between
hiking a bunch of extra miles, getting caught in the dark, or missing the
opportunity to snag a perfect campsite. Although I prefer to disconnect from
technology when I’m out hiking, I do make a few exceptions, which is the Hiking
Project app, made by REI, that has over a hundred thousand miles of user map
trails. Before I start, I reference the trail on Hiking Project. I make sure I’m
on the correct trail head, read about the distance, time it takes to hike, and make
sure I know about any special points of interest along the trail. This is one of
my favorite spots out here. It’s right off the trail and, during the summer when
it’s nice, you can swim up and down this area. Since your phone’s GPS works without
cell service, you can always check your phone to see where you are on the trail.
Here’s a pro tip I’ve learned about hiking out of state: make sure you
download a state’s trails prior to arriving. A lot of the best areas to hike
have really spotty service. It’s a great idea to print maps, bring a compass, and
really spend time planning your trip if you’re going to really remote places.
Hiking Project has personally given me a lot of confidence when I get out
and hike and I’m miles away from my car. I hope that you can use Hiking Project
to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

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1 thought on “Hike Smarter with Hiking Project

  1. Is this a totally free app?? No hidden surprises?? I’m looking on the AppStore for any good trail apps,, we’re hitting the Colorado mountains in April so need a good reliable app
    Thanks friend

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