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Hike in Sasaguri – Komenoyama to Wakasugiyama | Hiking in Japan (Fukuoka)

G’day I’m Wombat and I hike in Kyushu, Japan and I’m in Sasaguri I’m gonna climb Wakasugiyama. This is the first part of my hike. I’m gonna visit Nanzoin temple and then go up to Komenoyama. That’s a big bell. Go have a look? That’s what we want. Wakasugiyama. Komenoyama. Let’s check it out. Looks wild. Komenoyama. That’s a tiny sign. Let’s go down the other side. Wow!

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5 thoughts on “Hike in Sasaguri – Komenoyama to Wakasugiyama | Hiking in Japan (Fukuoka)

  1. Not that anyone cares, but 1st Like, 1st, View, and 1st Comment…Woo-hoo! I feel special! LOL! (>_^)

    Some sweet scenery you found there, bro! I'm jealous!

  2. The Komenoyama Observatory was a wonderful view.
    I'm looking forward to part2!

    Is it OK to use Japanese?

  3. The reclining Buddha's amazing (with a capital bold, A)It's interesting to see those statues in Tanoura temple all given clothing. The place looks so serene. (I have to say though when you zoomed into that dark, lower part of that house in Sugiyama mountain – I hope I wrote it write- I was anticipating something would jump right out of it). Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed it very much. Annyeong (hello) from Korea <3

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