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Hike in Sasaguri – Arriving at Wakasugiyama | Hiking in Japan (Fukuoka)

Wakasugiyama. It’s raining. Hasami iwa. Now the legend is that bad people or evil people cannot pass through here. Let’s see what kinda person I am. I guess I’m alright. This is interesting. I guess I go up. That was freaky. What?! I could’ve come up this way. In fact I didn’t need to go up here at all. So back down again. Let’s go down this way. When you see the ladder, don’t climb it. Keep going down. Ohayou gozaimasu. (good morning) I made it. Wakasugiyama. Not much of a view. But I heard there’s a lookout point down here somewhere. So let’s check it out. That is lovely. Beautiful mountain lilies. I’ve been looking out for snakes all day today but nothing. Except this dead one. 34 degrees. What a stinker. But, I’m almost done. I made it. Sasaguri station. That was an awesome hike. I really recommend it. Let’s get the train back.

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5 thoughts on “Hike in Sasaguri – Arriving at Wakasugiyama | Hiking in Japan (Fukuoka)

  1. Keep up with what I’m doing between videos on social media 🙂 Instagram: kyushutrail Twitter: @kyushutrail and Facebook:

  2. Nice vid.
    From going to that temple, I got a nice experience. I've met an old couple there who drove me to Sasaguri forest of kyuushuu uni afterwards. They were too nice

  3. Totally enjoyed the hike! Love the sceneries, and congrats on you making through that narrow trail lol. I don't think I would be able to fit right through it. Cheers!! <3

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