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Hike Harness Video Manual v1.03

Adam Wechsler The Hike Harness is reversible, ideal for Hike and Fly or Travel. It has enough room to fill all your equipment needed for a day trip. To reverse the harness, open the zips, remove all equipment, turn the bag inside out, and close the zips. The bag can now be used to carry items not needed during flight. Four buckles, two straps and one velcro are used to attach the airbag onto the harness Flip the harness over Locate the four attachment loops, and “button” the plastic sliders into the loops Connect the two side attachment loops to the outsides of the leg straps Connect the velcro to the leg spread adjuster strap Optional Reserve attachment: Using a pair of Light Universal Bridles First connect the small loops to the shoulders Larks-head knot the bridles to the shoulder attachments Then attach both bridles to the reserve with one larks-head knot Ensuring you tighten the knots well Then attach the external container to the side of the harness One loop to the carabiner, The second to the back support strap on the side of the harness Route the bridles through the velcro attachments Tidy the remainder of the bridle into the container Connecting the Speed System Attach the two optional ballbearing pulleys to the loops on the harness Pass the loop through the pulley, and then pass the pulley through the loop Do this on both sides Routing the Speed System Line: First pass the line through the eyelet on the front of the leg loops, then through the installed pulley on the side of the harness Finally, replace the Cord-lock and Brummell-hook on the line Repeat on the other side Fitting the Harness: First put your legs through the leg loops then pass your arms through the shoulder straps Don’t forget the close the chest strap buckle! Adjusting the Harness: Chest Strap adjustment (we recommend 42cm width between Karabiners) Leg Spread adjustments Upper Leg-spread adjuster adjusts the pressure on the inside of your legs Lower adjusts the leg spread do not set too tight Shoulder Straps (Not too tight – should be comfortable when standing up) The back angle is adjusted by moving the loop on the Karabiner / Maillion The back angle is adjusted by moving the loop on the Karabiner / Maillion

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1 thought on “Hike Harness Video Manual v1.03

  1. I flight with Hike harness 2 years now, I can get easy my Lift EZ Small inside with GPS, gloves, jacket, 0.5 l water and some food…

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