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Hike Bike & Boat 2012, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

>>My name’s Hunter Hendrickson. I’m the founder and president
of Wild and Scenic Institute. We are doing our
eighth, I believe, eighth annual Hike,
Bike, and Boat. Maybe ninth; I’m losing count. But today we’re prepped for
max capacity of a hundred and twenty-one participants. So we have eight
groups coming from all over the greater Seattle area
— homeless, refugee, ESL, disabled, community centers from
South Park, Neighborhood House, and we’re going to mix them up,
try to celebrate our diversity, and learn a little
bit about the river and the plants and
animals out here.>>Well, Hunter is Jessica’s
physical therapist at Rehab Without Walls, and he felt
that Jessica would enjoy this. And she has been on a
lot of different camps. But we never river-raft.>>It’s something I’ve
been doing all along. And it’s, just makes me want
to share with other people. And it’s really just snowballed
into this thing that’s bigger than me or the idea
that I had at first. You know, I’m just a physical
therapist, and I wanted to reach out to some of the
kids I was working with and show them what I was
doing on the weekends.>>I learned, you know, that
it’s good to expose kids to the outdoors and to
push them a little bit. You know, this isn’t
her comfort zone.>>Seeing that happiness
and the joy and the impact that one day can have
has really encouraged us to do it more and more. So we just try to
raised what money we can, and with that money
we turn around and get these kids out for free.>>[inaudible] Want
to do this again? Is this fun? [claps] Yeah [inaudible]! [laughs]>>Open your eyes, and
get ready for a wild ride.

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