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Hike 365 Live – Weeks 26 & 27 – Hike 365 Challenge

good evening ladies and gentlemen and
welcome to Happy Trails hiking this is the hike 365 live show where we talk
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cuts out the middleman and that makes it easier for us okay um it’s your turn my
turn okay so um throughout the show time we do the show we have beverages and so
we’re gonna tell you what we’re drinking here I’m actually double fisting my
first drink is actually just plain old water and the second drink I have is
plain old maker’s mark I have well a couple weeks ago why is mom and dad’s
50th wedding anniversary and so we and this is a petite sirah rose a petite
Syrah is a Syrah grape is a red cream and mix red wine and so this is the
Rosie that’s a second pressed let us know what you’re sipping on this evening
maybe it’s water maybe it’s something else but if it’s special if it’s
something interesting go ahead and how’s that all right so you put together
trivia questions didn’t you I did they’re coming up in just a few minutes
I do want to say hello to the checks we’ve got some awesome people in our
room already thank you all for being here um well you’re typing that into the
chat and right after we say hello think about our weekend and our vacation and
what you want to tell them about um so we have River River red Skippy thank you
for coming outdoor Nomad Laurie Bryant Marty screw our family adventures hike
with me the Idaho nyan and that’s about but people are telling us all about what
they are drinking so the after or not Nomad has strawberry lemonade oh that’s
ones Marty’s crew has dr. pepper tonight JP is neo is here and it’s not
pronounced sheer as I don’t think so I don’t know I thought it was Shiraz oh
and the item owned ian has a white dog blood orange Hefeweizen oh my goodness
I was a lot so it’s a blood orange wheat beer yeah YUM that sounds good
um so this week I did put together a little bit of a trivia thing to talk
about took along with where we have been for the last week or so what do you want
to tell them about or do you just want to get into stuff and then show our
pictures later well I guess we’ll just start with sort of a quick overview of
our trip inspired dogs here – oh sorry so I guess some folks probably know that
we’ve been offline for a little while and we’re gonna still continue to take a
bit of an offline what we’re we’re still dialing back our online activities for a
little bit but we’ve actually been on the road the past two weeks we went
through Kansas area and said hello to Marty’s crew and they have a video about
that today okay and we went from there into the Denver
area and spent some time with Colorado National Monument West in the northwest
part of Colorado we spent some time in Salt Lake City for another event sort of
unrelated but we did get a chance to go over to the Great Salt Lake fall we were
there Canyon yeah in from Salt Lake City we journeyed north and we spent 4 nights
in the Tetons and then we drove back to st. Louis
so that’s that’s what we’ve been up to here of light so we’re not gonna give
you like a massive slideshow or anything like that but we do have a few pictures
from the trip that we’ll share with you here in a bit let’s do stats first
though don’t you think yeah yeah we should we haven’t and I did
something meet with the map this time okay um but panic D is here it’s good to
see you thank you for coming and I enjoyed part of your life
show last night and yeah fun stuff if those of you who are in the chat had
some adventures that you’ve been on and would like to tell us where you’ve been
adventuring in the chat we would love to hear about that please go ahead and put
that in there now um in stats that’s what we’re working on now right supposed
to bring those up bringing up stats sorry being slow standby for this bridge
standby for this bread cheese watching yeah perfect okay so here’s our
spreadsheet and tell us about what we got going on here cuz we’ve got okay so
this is a little bit weird now normally I would just show you one week but we’ve
been kind of doing every other week so the last time we were on we showed you
two weeks at once and this time we’re showing you two weeks at once so you’re
gonna see there the third column over is week 26 and 27 so that represents all
the data that we’ve received since the last time we did a live show when we
were on on the 30th of June right so what we’ve got here bear logged 15 miles
Clifton Reiser logged 15 miles happy trails hiking we log 17 miles and that’s
actually for us that’s several high exhale rolled into one
Laurie Brenda to 2.3 miles Mars crew 10 miles bunnies for nature and 9 miles
outdoor Nomad 24.6 Shannon riser 2.8 skinny Jeep into 16.8 and Idaho nyan 18
and vegan Marshall 17.5 nice nice well um I think that’s really cool so we
logged a few less miles this week and maybe that’s because I haven’t been
doing the remind me email reminders for everybody hey we got a show coming up
blah blah um but what I’m really excited about is this this right here the 3100
15 miles that we’ve all done together and that is amazing to me I do want to
show you like did something different with the math
this time so let me stop sharing our spreadsheet and start sharing our map
you know how a couple times I would say oh we went from Washington to Kansas or
whatever well we have now exceeded the line that goes from Washington over here
to San Francisco so I wanted to put it down here and I thought it was
interesting this is the equator right here and um you can see Ecuador over
there so that that is the equator line um and so it’s a straight line on the
map because these this measuring tool does latitude and longitude lines so um
and so anyway you can see that we went from I believe this is the International
Dateline here am I right or wrong lore’l no um but anyway um so it’s
somewhere out here in the Pacific Ocean which I had some one and two longitude
lines earlier I don’t know exactly what happened maybe that’ll help anyway but
so that’s go ahead roughly the width in the United States yes so I thought that
was really cool anyway we’re going around the world Laurie says yes and
that’s that was a neat thing so um if Yankee happens to be listening thank you
to Yankee for this idea he said when we were starting to talk about this and I
brainstormed with different people throughout the YouTube land and social
media he said you know you could get on people on board enough to walk around
the equator the whole earth in one year can you even imagine and I was like no
but he got excited about it so that’s really cool and I was I was like oh
Yankees excited about it so that was fun and so maybe we’ll walk around the whole
entire world they got a long ways to go though I’m probably gonna get about
6,000 miles for the year so just back and forth across the u.s. is what we can
expect hike with me says hasn’t been making much stuck in Phoenix for now and
it’s 113 degrees yeah only hiked four o’clock in the morning 4 o’clock in the
morning okay okay and Marty’s crew went to Rock City Park yesterday in
Minneapolis Kansas that’s great I saw some pictures from there it’s kind
of like elephant rocks well I showed you didn’t I
no and I’ll be sure I’m look at Spaceballs that’s a good yes we are over
3000 that’s great and um oh we’re gonna swim Lourdes I’m
not swimming we’re hiking I can’t I would drown after mile one actually
probably drowned before mile one gun you could make come on make it a mile cuz
I’m like K alright yeah anyway yes be careful on that heat out there I managed
Carol be careful alright so um we don’t have any pictures from the Kansas thing
but we do have a couple of pictures we didn’t have as many pictures this this
time uh but I do want to share a few with you so um Kenny the Idaho nyan sent
me this gorgeous picture and a couple of videos of home improvements I don’t
think he meant to send but um I was gonna show you this picture because I
could stare at it a long time it’s gorgeous
so Kenny do you wanna ah tell anything about this picture you can type it into
the chat and I know there’ll be a delay but I’m gonna go on anyway and Laurie
well um well we’re looking at Kenny’s picture here I want to go on to your a
picture hello Chris Akoni it’s good to see you so Laurie did a little bit of
urban hiking and found this here squirrel in Nashville it’s a Nashville
squirrel I’m surprised it doesn’t have a guitar it looks like he’s about to do a
faceplant on the ground did a faceplant probably not his girl but it’s just our
look so it it’s a lake Kenny says it’s a big skinny
it’s a gorgeous lake you forgot about that
so these pictures you’ll see some people in costumes and some equipment and June
of 44 a US Marine Corps um what I send um Kenny I will send your email back to
you if you want to see it but it looked like you were hanging up cabinets or
something in your kitchen but it don’t look like I had to do with hiking um and
I guess these are State Park Rangers that are impersonating people who were
in the military back in World War two and um lawyer was really excited about
that that looks scary and what do you think those are mad snakes snake skins
snake skins maybe this is the army and this is France thirty second instruction
signal construction mm-hmm I’m really bad at those come on help me out people
so it looks like this one this is on the Tennessee Capitol Mall so like at the
mall in Washington only for the Tennessee State Capitol and uh and soap
me up there’s the Tennessee State Capitol right there I really like this
picture Tennessee trails past and present so you
can see the trails that run across Tennessee which I thought that was
pretty cool very nice Laurie thank you so much for
sharing your pictures um when you won’t go on hikes don’t forget to upload your
pictures to Google Drive just a few of them and show us where you’ve been it’s
really cool um Idaho nyan said that’s the video I’m working on now sorry
hikers oh no problem I’d like that look like you were supposed to share
that um Laurie said it was a state park in downtown Nashville they were
highlighting Tennesseans in World War two
Sonya Lambert is here it is good to see you thank you um and Marty’s crew said
he participated in something like that one he was in the Army so oh cool very
very neat yes all right so which pictures do you want me to share of ours
what’s the car in the National Monument okay so these pictures are from Colorado
National Monument and Matt’s going to tell you about them as we go through oh
great okay hahaha I’ll help how about that Colorado National Monument there
start with that one all right so let’s just talk in general about the park a
little bit Colorado National Monument is as the name would imply a National
Monument in northwest corner of Colorado so you’re still in the Colorado Plateau
it is definitely red rock country and this image that you’re seeing here has
not been enhanced at all and it was taken you know at one o’clock in the
afternoon so we were hiking in the intense Sun of the day so you know if
you know the photographer’s in the crowd you know if you’re taking a picture at
1:00 in the afternoon in broad daylight it’s just not gonna be
nearly as rich in the color but even so you can still see the red coming through
and we did not do long hikes in the monument one of the things is so cool
about Colorado National Monument is it’s not that well-known compared to the
Grand Canyon or arches or something like that so it was really cool we were
driving along a wonderful you know road you would think in terms of the quality
of the amenities it was every bit as good as a National Park but you didn’t
have all the crowds so if you’re in the area it’s definitely worth a stop to go
see Colorado National Monument and what we did were short hikes well it logged
maybe two or three miles there we just a chore hikes along the rim and that’s
where we took this picture and I don’t remember any exact significance of this
particular our image but you know there there are a
few that we got from there we just thought that this one was cool because
of the way that the rocks came through and this view up here this town over
here is called fruta FR u T ITA yeah and that’s an interesting side note we
didn’t actually stay in the park we camped we had our a-frame a local state
park or just a Colorado State Park event so essentially in fruit or a mile
outside of yeah it’s right in between James M Robert James and Rob Colorado
River and that was a state park oh yeah and that was a great James M Rob State
Park in Colorado right outside the Colorado National on you a great place
to stay all right yes we would highly recommend
that one okay so that pictures finished we have to pull up one picture at a time
cuz I pulled them off of our hard drive earlier today um okay so this is it’s
also from Colorado National Monument and a had yeah it’s called um Liberty
monument and um this was one of the things that Otto is his last name
John Otto he ascended it it was one of the first of the monuments that he
ascended and we got to walk out on Otto’s trail and that’s the end of
Otto’s trail is where we are standing to take this picture
um but Otto’s trail he ascended this and this is I don’t know I wouldn’t want to
fall off of it several hundred feet several hundred feet and I don’t know
how he got up it i rollin but it was back in the nineteen twenties nineteen
teens 1920s and I can’t even imagine um yes yes we love less traveled places as
well Carol and Marty’s crew says that’s what we’re going to be doing when we go
to New Mexico staying in the state person yes it is um that’s fun we we saw
lots of great state parks on our trip we stayed in what was the one in Denver
that was really good stayed in Cherry Creek State Park that was where
we went live from um but we didn’t wanna tell you that we’re pretty particular
about sharing where we where we are at the jury Creek was great um excellent
campsite smart our house it was cleaner is clean as a hotel I mean it was
fantastic yes Carol says maybe next time yes you
need to go to that National Monument next time it’s it’s definitely worth a
stop through nothing else just driving through it is it takes you an hour a
couple hours so far mr. Jarvis to drive it it’s a 25 mile road or something to
that effect um but yeah I definitely worth just a
drive um what else oh this one this is the Monument Valley so this is all the
major monoliths this is Liberty monument and this isn’t the best picture that we
have but it was pretty great um like I said I just pulled some off of there I
thought that was the charcoal come on no okay there’s another one that’s sort of
resembles charcoal kilns I guess I got them mixed up I can try to pull that okay that’s cool
so that was yeah that’s just one of those things um the state parks seem to
have better a better facilities these days yes and they were better than that
well I don’t say they are better than the national parks but shower houses are
not available really in whoa Grand Teton and the Tetons and in Yellowstone but
that’s really only data points on yeah there was the campground we stayed at
night before last gorgeous campground where was that well
doing one okay well we’ll be meeting about there okay well it was a beautiful
campground was the same part but the shower house was not in good State
Recreation Area and um let’s just say hovering was a thing in the bathroom
you just didn’t want to set things um it was Pawnee state recreation here okay
it was a lake it was a Lake Reservoir and it was beautiful campground
it was amazing yeah got on the shower house those reduce anyway there you go
their yard that’s as much of a battery of use we’re gonna get there do we go to
black canyon of the gunnison no we have not
we’ve not they definitely want to go so much on the list
oh and yeah anyway so there’s that and I think that was my last picture from
Colorado National Monument well they say some more down there the
other pictures you want to tell them about where where we took these other
ones or do you want so I’ve got these two and then now cuz it was really
awesome don’t there you go so we camped four
nights in the Tetons and each day we took sort of a little different strategy
but the last day that we were there we selected a hike death Canyon Canyon okay
um so we’re looking at this this is a folks like alright so when we were there
last year we did a hike around the lake that you’re looking at and that was
accessed by a parking lot at the Rockefeller Center or something or
whatever it’s called there’s a name down for the rockefellers so that hike that
we did last year is just a flat loop around the lake and that’s that was a
beautiful hike this year we took a different approach and we had to drive
to the trailhead over now you always have to drive through the trail head
it’s kind of silly but in this case driving to the trailhead was a challenge
in and of itself the science says that it’s they recommend a four-wheel drive
high clearance vehicles um and we have something that’s kind of falls into that
category we’ve got a Toyota Tundra four-wheel drive but it’s not really a
serious off-road or it’s got street tires it doesn’t have a look if there’s
no locking diffs none of that stuff but it’s got the ground clearance and
four-wheel drive so some people tried so it was a bit of a driving challenge but
cars were there yeah and that was the thing I was like okay this is a pretty
challenging road I’m not really very good or further but
we got out there to the animal a boy okay we made it Nissan Sentra problem
well not only a Nissan Sentra there was a a Honda Fit I’m like alright well grab
that puts it all out of perspective there so I’m I this kind of makes me
feel bad I’m really not a very good driver but at any rate it was it was a
challenge to get there so it did take a little bit of driving skill and then the
trill we had done mostly flat non strenuous hikes because I tweaked my
knee on the Johnson shut-ins hike a few weeks ago that you may remember us
talking about and so I’ve just been being really careful but it was our last
day really in the Tetons and so is that okay we’re gonna try something a little
bit more serious and this hike I guess goes quite a long way and it was a fair
amount of elevation change not quite as rugged on the ground itself is you know
the Johnson shut-ins hike but still rugged enough and you’re at you know
7,000 feet altitude so you get the additional cardio and the image that I
guess we’re not showing it now but we just showed you of that Lake we took on
that hike it was only a mile that was a mile in but that was probably though is
definitely the best hike of the trip and it was just it was just gorgeous the
whole the whole time there every step was beautiful yeah and in comparison to
some of the other hikes that we did like we did like the days prior to that we
had done hikes around lakes because were mostly flat but what we realized was
that the insect population around the lakes on the flat hikes was just insane
and I don’t know if it’s because they’ve had more water more water just in the
u.s. in general we’ve definitely got more water and mosquitoes in Missouri
but we found that the flat Lake hikes there’s just infestation was crazy you
know I got I got insect bites on my forehead right above the hat line it’s
just so bizarre but on this hike that was away from the
water a bit far fewer insects so Matt the night before Matt had told
me you know I really want to get up into the Tetons and um paddy was saying okay
death Canyon sounds like our kind of location and I thought of you guys on
the SEC I was like oh if they like this one you know or if we like this one
we’ll just shot him out and bring him along and all this stuff but um
John you talked about the little the mound that you had to go up on your
video this last week this was a bit more than a mound so about two miles in two
and a half miles in you got Ted this view wowsers right so this is a glacier
and there’s a waterfall coming down from it and it’s just all rocks and yes this
is the trail right here um but it was we got up in the mountains
and we challenged ourselves a bit and we met a gentleman um at the trailhead who
had a video camera and I went he’s a vlogger I’m gonna go talk to him of
course of course I’m sorry anyway and so I did but um he
is he lives in the Tetons and so he or he lives in Jackson lives in Jackson
doesn’t live in the Tetons in my mind Jackson is the Tetons bomb
but I get it um so yeah these are the epic kind of views we got on a whole
entire trail that day so um and I understand that death Canyon is right up
sorry is right up here and so we just didn’t get all the way it’s a shelf
canyon and we didn’t get all the way there because one of the things that
with this gentleman talked about uh his name is Aaron and he is an epic hiker
and I hope to tell you more about him at some other time um but anyway he’s done
epic things but he said you know you really have to know yourself too when
you’re hiking you have to know your own limits sometimes you push your limits
but you have to know your own limits too and you know we weren’t out there too
conquer anything that time we’ve only done one hike where we had to conquer it
and I don’t but anyway had to conquer it and um and Matt blew out his knee on the
way down the mountain oh yeah alright it says one that was the
one we had to do like we’re gonna do this whether it’s the last thing we do
we do have some new people in the room so I do want to say hello to them um
wrestler mania came in as well as elf Lords journeys hello it’s good to see
you thank you all for coming um is this across Jenny Lake actually no it’s um
South in the Tetons so deep Jenny Lake is here and you drive down from Jenny
Lake and then right before you get to the visitor center you turn off on
another road called moose hmm I think it’s called moose something or
other Wilson moose Road anyway Marin who would come to me overlooking folks like
and it’s overlooking phelps lake which is south of Jenny Lake there you go um
yes that that uh and patty said that Mound I climbed was epic for me yes it
was epic for you and you knew your limits and you did what you could do and
that’s my hiking advice to anybody who wants to hike new places and do new
things push your limits a little but know them don’t try to you don’t want to
get carried out on a stretcher no well I mean there was a patrol cabin up six
miles in it’s five to six miles in and I really wanted to see it we didn’t get to
see it because what we did was we knew it was gonna be an out and back and we
tracked our time and we tracked the distance and we got to three and a half
miles and how long that take us to do that like two hours two hours something
we’re like okay we’re feeling a little bit tired but we still got some gas and
looking on time the day and we news a lot of up coming back because we spent I
think there’s probably more down on the way out but at any rate we turn around
at three and a half miles just because we knew we had to have enough gas to get
back and that was the right call because we’re
pretty tired by when we got back up we could have done more but work yeah yeah
you got it you got to make a judgment call like that um after Oh Nomad says we
need to have a meet up in the Tetons hmm before 7:00 and um and as Aaron said you
just never know who you’re gonna meet in the mountains so it’s yeah really
interesting um elf Lords journey says rough country he knows they know the
road um so yes i you know i’m connecting i’m really proud of you and and all the
stuff that you’ve accomplished this year you’ve come a long ways and that’s
awesome and please don’t take my I’m proud of you as being condescending in
any way shape form fashion um and I’m missing the sidewalls on
tires I don’t own an says he blew up the sidewalls on some tires was funny Oh
your friend to me blowing on my knee that’s no no no no he said the Idaho
knees as I bounced a four day and on Jeep roads for years just safe up for
the helicopter rental hey papa Rome’s outdoors it’s good to see you um I I
know you laugh about the helicopter rental we did see a helicopter and it
looked like they’d learn maybe training for a rescue we don’t know it was a
rescue helicopter that had something hanging from it yeah it was a
short-lived trial there we go um I do have some
trivia questions everybody up for trivia I do well I was gonna save it for one of
my trivia questions okay okay all right are you guys ready for trivia if not
please uh please uh see you later and thank you for trivia too bad where
you’re getting it anyway maybe we should organize a 365 Club hike mmm wait till
next year this year is pretty full Oh Laurie says um I’ll pitch in on that
helicopter Sean Laurie no it’s okay nobody’s getting
helicopters a relaxing float trip down the Snake River now that is something
I’m interested in doing and I want a kayak I’m Jackson Lincoln
alright trivia here we go alright question 1 here we are um
number one what Memorial Parkway is located between Grand Teton National
Park and Yellowstone National Park what Memorial Parkway is located between
GT NP and Yellowstone National Park and while you guys are typing in those
answers I’m gonna read chat um Papa Rome says just returned from Arizona and Utah
Seattle was amazing yes and just book BAM oh yeah that’s on
the list – glacier and babe together next time
Banos yes it’s not spelled um Lori says John T Rockefeller you’re close love the
hikes there papa rome says yes yes stumped yeah this was probably one of
the hardest ones I came up with the trivia questions this time cuz used to
be when we do to revere everybody go tho 1c easy that one’s easy that one’s easy
so alright when I took them off the web they were easy so I made it myself this
time so the answer is john d rockefeller jr. Memorial Parkway so there is about
an 11 mile stretch between between Yellowstone in the north and Grand
Tetons in the south and that area right in between is called john d rockefeller
jr. Memorial Parkway and I haven’t gotten a stamp from there yes missed it
by letter Lori said um and Tito stones I really liked that Steve that was funny
alright question two what was the date that uh GT NP so Grand Teton National
Park was first established what was the date that Grand Teton National Park was
first established and uh anak D says I was gonna say that good yeah and Laurie
you missed it by a letter it’s okay and the jr. G’s john d rockefeller senior
might have done some great stuff but you know junior got the Memorial
Parkway alright so what was the date or what was a year I’ll just take a year I
don’t need the date that you and if the first is important
oh there 19 to 12 Lori says okay she’s not googling our she had gotten the D
instead of a T 1927 Idaho nyan says okay come on man I’m not a Jain on to Google
here Oh 1929 Papa Rome’s has it 1929 and in
1929 it was just to protect the mountain peaks so just the Teton Range and in
1950 they added the Jackson Valley there and and although like the phelps lake
area well maybe not phelps like harry but
jenny lake area and all that stuff in the valley and things so oh google sorry
won’t happen again oh no it doesn’t matter there’s no price
there’s no prices and there’s no point so it’s okay all right this one could be
easy what is the name of the highest peak in Grand Teton National Park I was
trying to be nice by giving you no hints this is good wine by the way no hints yeah pop rooms we don’t care we’re just
happy that you’re here Grand Teton Laura Mars guy
yeah I’m Laurie um I got one for you what mountain is named after a famous
artist hmm Mount Moran right the Marine Mount Moran trivia okay that’s right
alright do you want to ask the next question there question 4 what is the
largest of the lakes and the Grand Teton National Park which Lake is the largest
Opitz Bob Ross barbarous no the mountain named after an artist it can be prince
mountain um after Nomad said Jenny Lee Jenny Lake
is not correct the largest lake in Grand Teton National Park Jenny Lake is the
most visited because that’s where the big visitor center is and the campground
that everybody wants to get into and that’s where you’ll find the most people
on the trail yes mom he was part of the original exert excursion to Yellowstone
a method you are correct I’ll form just journey that’s how I know who Thomas
Moran is exactly Jackson Lake that is the correct answer Jackson Lake um
Jackson Lake is the largest lake and we have some great features of it
and we were at Jackson Lake Lodge we tried to make it for breakfast but the
Bison got in the way and so we missed it by 20 minutes so we had good breakfast
at the cafe next to the other one yes there is a grill in the girl there you
go Jackson Lake Lodge so most crowded um I know those he’s brain farting I was
like what are you farting what’s going on nice alright ok so here’s this what
is the name of this place I get to use my picture now and you should be really
proud of Matt for that picture what is the name of this place and bonus points
which are not points um where is it located
other than Grand Teton yeah and who is the random person that messed up this
shot oh I didn’t pick that one oh I just grabbing pictures really fast it’s still
a beautiful shot yeah there’s another one without a dude in it yeah so side no
we got there we got a picture of this location a year ago well we got the
picture at sunset and due to the orientation it’s actually better at
sunrise but we didn’t have a chance last year so this year we made it a point to
get out to this barn at sunrise and as luck would have it there was a lovely
family there from Mississippi Alabama Rose Alabama
there are all neighbors from our home state okay Laurie says it’s located on a
Mormon row good Mormon rural what is the name of this barn who owned it that’s
what I’m looking for all right so but at any rate last year we got it in evening
be sure we got it at sunrise yes just a little after sunrise um okay we did a
video there yes and we have another picture from there so that was this
year’s picture at sunrise but last year the epic picture looked like that and it
is for sale on fine art America story but but there might be a new one coming
up with a new picture yes we will probably have some more more Monroe
stuff by the way this is called the molten barn on Mormon Roux molten barn
so the Moulton’s owns this barn plus another one across the road um anyway
and El Flores journeys have painted the molten barn hey urine it’s good to see
you thank you for coming and it’s morning where urine is so good morning
usually he’s saying good morning about the time I’m saying good night so
alright we’ve got a few more so we’ll try to go through them quickly well I
hope you enjoyed that picture guys um the clouds were epic look that was the
other thing to tell us the man had rained and it was just amazing all right
how many miles of trails are in Grand Teton National Park how many miles of
trails are in Grand Teton National Park it’s a lot yeah I wouldn’t guessed it
well or you could put kilometers I have it in books
I’ll Florence journey says it’s a nice shot
great um the mountains remind me of crystal mountains
um in Rainier in Mount Ranier cool sorry for tea in the morning following time
yeah go back to bed geez Oh maybe you couldn’t sleep Marty’s crew says 110 um
laurie brian says 654 idaho nyan says 600 so Laurie and in the Idaho nyan are
way too high and Mart screws too low Robo just have taller
all right fine it’s it’s close all right I won’t make them wait any more
second 7-eleven not quite so there are 200 miles of trails or 320 kilometers
oreo is closer or second guess um so we haven’t been on close to 200 miles about
1010 I’m just gonna say 10 to 12 we got work to do we won’t get through most of
them won’t go straight up but okay next one I was gonna try to have a picture of
this but if you’ve seen our Instagram page you’ll know the answer to this
which animal is Kay’s favorite to see in Grand Teton National Park which animal
is my favorite to see in Grand Teton National Park it’s an animal that you’re
not as likely to see say in Yellowstone we don’t have any here either
definitely not likely to state of Missouri no you can get most of your 365
months then outdoor nomads comics yes um are there wild horses I did not see any
wild horses and I don’t think that there are but there might be um Papa roams I
saw the most wild horses I’ve ever seen in North Dakota there are domestic
horses yes oh yeah and Bullwinkle we saw we did see
Bullwinkle twice actually everyday we were there we drove past
there’s a crowd of people Bullwinkle was there with his buddy
Bullwinkle too blackberry is pretty awesome I really do like black bear um
and yes there are lots of elk we saw lots of bison several pronghorn um but
Muhsin are my favorite to see I hadn’t seen one until last year ever
all right so as a fairly young mountain range the Teton Range is only Blanc
million years old it’s a pretty low number
mrs. Pearle for moose all-time fox oh I would like to see a fox I’ve never
actually seen a fox live in in person except for n ensue wild horses in Nevada
wild horses in North Dakota which is what I was trying to say Theodore
Roosevelt National Park North Dakota so how many million acres years are years
Wow um how many years old is the Teton Range 100 million that’s highly too high
way too hot off by an order of magnitude hmm seven is closer but higher 2.5
billion no it’s million just the range is how
many years old urban here hello Evan to pay Doris it’s
good to see you where are you tonight one overcorrection
math did you over corrected on that order of magnitude Laurie have to be
smart I can’t do it you would have told the order of magnitude and I tagged on
there wasn’t an earthquake there this last week burrows yes depends on if
you’re an evolutionist or don’t go there oh yeah all right yes it’s ten ten
million years old I got two questions left
which animal resides in that resides in Grand Teton National Park is the fastest
land mammal in the Western Hemisphere Oh Ervin’s at home in South Carolina it’s
good to see ya guide you’re at home so um we’re looking
for an animal that is the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere Laurie
says the pronghorn you know faster I’ll just tell ya I don’t need a an extra
question um they’re capable of reaching speeds up to UM 70 miles an hour
mountain lion is a good that is a good answer but pronghorn is the correct one
um and our last question is probably a pretty easy one especially for alpha
but which River runs through Grand Teton National Park which River runs through
Grand Teton National Park and why do we like that river so much Matt because
there’s a brewery named after it – okay that’s why I feel like this the Snake
River exactly so if you’re in the area and you’re in Jackson and you go to a
Snake River Brewing Company would recommend Paco’s IPA the zonker stout
and what’s the one you had last time Welbeck gravity check oh the gravity
check it’s a very aged barley wine young um elf Lord journeys this man is the
fastest one being chased I’ve never known a man to run 70 mile an hour even
if they were being chased hey guy bullfrog 79 it’s good to see you uncle
al thank you for coming we were just wrapping things up we’ve had fun with
our trivia tonight thank you all for indulging me and my little quiz um
outdoor Nomad told me that he was going to have to get some more miles in and
now he was gonna have to study this week yep anyway that’s yeah I think I’ve gone
through all of our pictures don’t we – check and make sure everything okay yeah
in our thumbnail this week is us at colorado national monument it’s nice and
that um it’s nice that our cameras now have you know those you can take
pictures of yourselves set em up timers but sometimes but means
can wear some buttons in pack if you’re having hit a little like button yet we’d
appreciate that um all Flores Ernie says are you loving
the a-frame camper well we can do a quick review on that hey Frank Kemper is
good um harder to tow them tent interesting side note for those who care
about vehicles and towing MBG the tundra on a good day will get 15 miles to the
gallon pulling a camper the a-frame specifically it’s about ten
miles to the gallon now that being said was totally worth it climate control in
cooking to a degree just coffee but we make coffee inside everything else we
cook like everything else outside I does have a little sink so it was actually
very very comfortable to sleep in yeah so present and available it works so I’m
very happy with the camper at some point in time we will upgrade but we’re gonna
keep it now for for you know a year or two we haven’t even owned him for he has
a name he can’t go away so one of the interesting things about Alf is because
he is a shorter camper of only 21 foot you can actually take them end up you
know you don’t have to worry too much about your route now we’ve done we did
get a GPS an RV GPS to kind of help all the navigation and that was a valuable
thing mm-hmm you’ll see a review on that coming out
this week but all in all very positive experience with the camper nice to get
in yeah yeah it was it was very easy and I’m really glad while it’s not kind of
where I ultimately want to be I’m glad we started with the 21-footer I can
actually see over the top of it a little bit in the rear view mirror I can’t see
a car behind me but if there’s a tall vehicle behind me I can see that in the
rear view mirror so it was really good to have sort of the small camper to
start with yeah I enjoy traveling in it um I don’t tell that does all the work
thanks for that but anyway oh within hiking distance just popped in we were
about to quit Alex or we are about to go into middle east woods that’s got work
in the morning and it’ll be a rough morning because he hasn’t had to like
set an alarm in the last two weeks it’ll be okay he says but it was good to see
you um and I quit Smee is uploading in Arizona hike right now and I will be
catching up on videos and workouts and um for those of you who have been
following along on the health challenge or the health series it’s going to be
coming back for season two in August as the healthy lifestyle show
and we are well I’m planning and looking forward to a lot of new things there so
thank you all for being here we’re honored that you all want to spend some
time with us and yeah it’s been the this challenge has made us hike more and you
all inspire us to get out there and motivate us to get out there so thank
you all for that so so much um yes everybody have a great weekend have a
great night and we will see you next Sunday for another hike 365 lines till
then thank you very much cheers Cheers

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  1. Great to see The 365 live show back. Enjoyed the Teton pictures. Nice to see we are over 3000 miles. I think we have done about the mileage form my house to Gary's.

  2. Ginger ale and orange juice. I wish I could have made it back in time to upload the photos from the maritime forest on Edisto. Another time maybe.

    I'm on mission to conquer the 365 miles. The rest of my month seems pretty booked. I figure Aug – Dec. means 2 miles per day rough average to make up the ground. If I make it my body should be in much better hiking condition going into next year. That would be a great reward!

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