1 thought on “Here are survival tips for hikers lost and stranded

  1. I got lost, alone, on "Spruce Knob" in West Virginia. Looking for a short cut, back down to the creek almost 5,000 feet, I started down a steep lope which went vertical (i'm guessing) a few feet over the sharply curved slope. The thunderstorm that had just passed made the grass very slippery. I took one more step, in the wrong direction, and found my feet above my head . My high quality backpack which I landed on the top of, stopped my tumble right there. My survival tip is, " Don't kill yourself looking for a shortcut ". Several hours later , half dead from exhaustion, I got back to where my car was still stuck in the mud before my hike into bear country started 2 days before. I'll tell you about the Bear, and the Rattler some other time.

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