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HECO works to restore power across Oahu

The windy weather has caused power outages across the state. KITV4’s Brenton Awa is standing by LIVE at Hawaiian Electric with the latest— Brenton. Pam — The Hawaiian Electric company is still working on getting power back to about 1700 customers. if you were at home this morning and the lights went off on you — you’re not alone. That’s what happened to a lot of people’s homes across the state. The Hawaiian Electric company told us at one point — most of Hawaii Kai was out. Let’s go to more of that video we have from Kailua and Kaneohe this morning. A lot of people had no electricity out there as well. HECO crews were working O-T out on that side today — trying to fix all of those problems. Ka’a’a’wa is on that list — so is Punalu’u — Kunia and Waipahu. At last checked — HECO told us that about 1400 customers from those areas are still in the dark. 119 – DARREN PAI – HECO – “IN ORDER TO WORK ON THESE OUTAGES, WE’VE HAD TO LITERALLY CUT TRAILS THROUGH SOME VERY DENSE VEGETATION IN SOME PLACES. FOR EXAMPLE IN MAUNAWILI OUR CREWS REALLY HAD TO GO OFF OF THE ROAD. IN THAT AREA WE’VE GOT SOME DAMAGED LINES AND DOWNED POLES BECAUSE OF A LOT OF ALBIZIA THAT HAVE COME DOWN.” 137 Meanwhile on the Big Island… Crews are also working to fix outages in the Puna area. That’s because a bunch of trees fell on the power lines over there. And on Maui — If you know someone who lives in Pi’iholo, Olinda or Haiku — tell them to prepare to be without electricity throughout the night. Maui Electric workers will be back at work out in those communities — tomorrow morning once it’s safe. At last checked — just short of 1900 customers were without power through Maui County.

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