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Hawn State Park – Pickle Creek Trail, Whispering Pines Trail and Camping- Park Travel review

hi everyone and welcome to happy trails
hiking Kay and I are at Hawn State Park in Missouri we’re here for three nights
on Memorial Day weekend we’re gonna do some hiking obviously we’re camping
we’ll do some cooking might have a beer or two it’s gonna be a good weekend hmm
stay tuned our first adventure for this weekend
after breakfast and camp relaxation because those are super important is to
head over to pickle Sp– No… pickle Creek pickle Creek trail here in Hawn State
Park we’ve done this trail before and we know that it’s got some pretty awesome
boulders in the creek and that are gonna hopefully play well for photography for
Matt so we’ve got our tripod and we’re gonna try to take some pictures will
show you those in a few minutes we walk from the campground to the trailhead it
wasn’t a far walk at all pickle creek trail takes off from these wonderful
pine tree picnic areas the pickle Creek Trail is a 1.6 mile trail and it starts
from the end of the picnic area at Han State Park it leads along pickle Creek
there are some boulders to go over on this trail so be sure to wear sturdy
shoes good morning it is day 2 and we are
still on state park we’re gonna head out on hike but I wanted to show you the
trail map first place we were yesterday was pickle Creek Trail and we didn’t go
all the way down but we hiked from the campground over here all the way over to
the trailhead there today we’re going to hike from the campground here across
over to the Whispering Pines trail we’ve done the Whispering Pines Trail before
and if you want a complete trail video of that one you can click the link above
here and that will take you to that video as well but we’re gonna take off
on one loop and see if I want to do both loops today or not depending on the
weather the Whispering Pines trail is known as one of Southeast Missouri
most beautiful backpacking trails it is around 10 miles long and allows you
views of the st. Francis mountain and surrounding area as well as lets you
experience the topography of southeast Missouri the first water crossing we
have to get over there I may be taking my boots off like those
folks did we’ll see well I took my shoes off
took a different route than Matt Matt made it without again what I didn’t get
to it but did get to wade in the water today it was refreshing now we have a
mucky trail on this site this is one of the backpacking campsites
along the Whispering Pines Trail as you can see there’s not much to it but
people have camped here nice flat area for some of you can’t panic
campers there are plenty of opportunities earn your answer
yes well we’ve got to the end of the
whispering prying trail yeah now the sign there says six miles but my watch
says seven point five well we watch some rose campground too so there’s probably
about a half a mile from the campground so that takes care of one happen we
backed up but there’s still a mile where it’s off so we’ve had one on plant four
path but it wasn’t a whole mile and then there was also some trail under
construction we got rerouted so maybe it’s changed those three variables
probably take care for them I’ll take care of account for a mile on the half
difference there you go but we got some miles in for the hike 365 Challenge
today and we’re not done with our weekend camping so much stick with us
they are happy to say that the rest of our camping trip had to do with food as
well as hanging out in the beautiful campground at Han State Park if you
haven’t seen that review please take a look at the card above if you are interested in more of our
camp cooking videos please click the playlist here until next time this is
Cain that Viking thanks for watching

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29 thoughts on “Hawn State Park – Pickle Creek Trail, Whispering Pines Trail and Camping- Park Travel review

  1. FANTASTIC FOOTAGE ! This is one of the best I have watched in a while . Love it . Howie and Missy

  2. Hiking, camping, cooking, and beer! Checklist complete! Pickle creek trail looks lovely! Skink! I just love saying skink. It makes me chuckle, lol! Great shots, Matt! Map! Yes! It’s so peaceful out there! Might be a potential spot for when I start doing backpacking trips. Nice getting those miles, guys! Cinnamon rolls!

  3. Cute stumpy lizard 🦎 or did it lose its tail. Love the stream and it is very lush and picturesque. Looks like a couple of awesome hikes. 👍🏼🤗❤️😘

  4. That lizard is feasting! That’s a beautiful creek, looks like you guys found a great hike… and made yum burgers. 😋

  5. Just beautiful! Pickle creek and whispering pines. Which trail do you like better? Great video!

  6. Both trails looked beautiful! Love all of the awesome rock formations! Kati loves getting in the water so those crossings are always her favorite part of any hike. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Really nice trail and good distance on them. I hate water crossings sometimes that are tricky to cross. I bought Keen sandals for hiking recently to help with crossings better, also to air out my feet more.

  8. Sure enjoyed your vid…it’s a lovely area, plenty of hikes and water, YES! Your face gets red like mine does, when I hike…here in the desert 🌵 you have to start early! It’s gonna be fun to get to know you…that food looked YUM MEEE! Glad to have found you👍👏🤝😉

  9. good to see you already getting so much use out of the camper! neat skink and Great Hike ! nice log bridges, looks like you get to be pretty remote on that trail. Thanks for taking us along

  10. Nice. Love the running water and all the sounds and birds. Good audio on that camera. You guys look a little tired. Drat that extra 1.5 miles. lol.

  11. Good to see you, good to see your video! If you are curious about my Jeju Island video, come play with me.

  12. Such a beautiful place. The Whispering Pines Trail looks really gorgeous and you got some awesome shots of the little Skink eating it's breakfast!!! Great long exposure of the water running over the rocks. I have a nice DSLR and tripod but am usually to lazy to carry it with me on hikes (so heavy) and use the function on my iPhone that gives that effect LOL. Thanks for sharing!!

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