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HAWAJE #2: Szlakiem Olomana Three Peaks [Hawaii ENG SUBS]

We are going to climb On the Olomana Three Peaks trial here is Jacob we met in the hostel few days ago somehow like this today we talked each other and he didin’t have nothing to do, but he wanted to make something special so he is going with me for the trial before he didin’t do any climbing so i am curious how it is going to look, because when i told him that we going for climbing and this trail is not easy, he just said okey okey and then he went to a shop and bought just a little bottle of water and one banana so i looked at him and i said: What are you doing men? [We are going for a hard trial] and he just decided to buy more food and water [to be more prepered for the trial] so we are on our way! anyway the weather is so different here when we were on waikiki beach there was so sunny and here is so humidity even few minutes ago was a little bit of rain Let’s do it! We took a wrong way and our new friend from Ohio called us and told us what is the right way I had a map how to climb this trial, but I left it and hostel because I thought we are not going to get lost because this trial is legal and is not so hard to achieve the top we have to go across the golf territory and we are going to do this in few minutes Olomana Three Peaks begins here We are neraly on the top we need to climb on these rops here someone is going down right now, amazing! women is going down right now but those women are fearless, anyway they looks little bit scared while going down on the rops We climb here in about 45 minutes how you could see the way was so good little piggy done it! everyone climb at the top without me I am going last to achieve the top! I hope I am not going to fall when there is adrenaline, there is fun! Just have a look at the view Its beautiful, really If someone is on Hawaii have to achieve this trial if of course likes stuff like this it worth it we achieve first peak but how you can see, there are two other peaks everyone says that the view from the 1st peak is most beautiful but I am going to check it I mean, I am going little bit down to see how the way looks, because I am courios Jacob and the girl from Ohio are scared, I am just joking they are just lazy to go and look how the way looks the way down to the other peaks I tell you very hard I went little bit down. The view is incredible The view is beautiful the peak which we actually achieve is most highest we are not going to the other peaks, because the view from here is most beautiful how you can see the way to the other peaks and also we want to go down and go somewhere else some different places nearly the trial and like you see the view from the peak is beautiful this is beautiful and in few minutes we will walk down its look hard. For women this trail can be hard but our little piggy done it which we met during the walk to the trial for this kind of view you have to work so hard so hard you have to work in a place you love, but anyway hard here is Haiku Stairs you can see from this top I don’t know what is going on, because they just disappeared I don’t know, maybe Jacob doing something with our little piggy here is a good weather and forest, so i don’t know what is going on with them I will leave it, they don’t even call me so I am going down This is a bad sign We had some few stressful moments but I done it I know that I am recording this i a jungle and finally we going out from the olomana three peaks trial. I mean from one peak, because we achieve only one peak have a look how the way looks everyone don’t it, even women so there is no problem to achieve the top if you want to come here

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7 thoughts on “HAWAJE #2: Szlakiem Olomana Three Peaks [Hawaii ENG SUBS]

  1. Super się ogląda twoje filmiki widać że robisz to z pasją i że Cię to jara 😀 powodzenia i zwiedzaj jak najwięcej się da 😉 możliwe że się kiedyś spotkamy 🙂

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