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Hawaii’s best hikiing sights viewable on Google

No sweating, no getting stranded, no soggy shoes… Hiking some of Oahu’s best trails just got a lot easier for the indoor types … Now you can take in some of Hawaii’s best sights right on your computer.. KITV4’s Brenton Awa is here to show us a new online feature that just launched today! Yunji — It’s called Google Trekker. Think Google Maps Street View… Only this one goes off roading taking you to places like Waimea Valley — Makapu’u Lighthouse — He’eia State Park — the old Pali road — MalaeKahana Beach Park — and the list goes on… 11-16 35-40 114-119 second time People have been trekking across trails on Oahu for decades — but starting today you can see which ones are right for you without getting dirty. 910 – Lisa “HAD WE KNOWN WE WOULD’VE LOOKED IT UP AND GOTTEN AN IDEA OF WHAT THE HIKE WAS AND HOW LONG IT TAKES AND HOW STRENUOUS IT IS.” Both Google and the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau teamed up to showcase some of Oahu’s most popular trails — parks — and beaches. While helping to hike up tourism numbers is a top priority. So is public safety. 50 – 55 – ANDREW “IT SERVES AS A WAY FOR PEOPLE TO GET AN IDEA BEFORE THEY COME HERE OF WHAT TO EXPECT.” 549 – JAY “IT ALLOWS PEOPLE TO SEE A TRAIL AND MAYBE IT’S A LITTLE TOO DIFFICULT FOR THEIR FAMILY SO THEY CHOOSE ANOTHER TRAIL THAT’S SAFER AND GIVES THEM ALL THE JOY THEY’RE LOOKING FOR.” 15 trails on Oahu have been taken care of so far. Workers carry this Trekker device to take hundreds of pictures along the way. Then Google loads it to its maps pa for the public to see. 218 – 231 – JAY “IT A PHENOMENON TO GO ON GOOGLE AND SEARCH FOR SOMETHING AND WE SAW DATA WHEN HAWAII ISLAND WAS FIRST LAUNCHED THAT GOOGLE SEARCH FOR THE TERM JUST FOR HAWAII WAS UP 72-PERCENT THE FIRST MONTH AFTER WE DID THE LAUNCH OF THE GOOGLE TREKKER THERE.” This trek is on Sunset Beach… But notice the blurred faces… Google’s only focus — is on places. 108 – 122 – ANDREW “MOST PEOPLE ARE ASKING WILL I BE FAMOUS, UNFORTUNATELY NO, GOOGLE DOES BLURR OUT YOUR FACES SO IT’S VERY PRIVACY CONSCIOUS BUT MOST PEOPLE WILL TRY TO POSE ON THE SIDE OR MAKE SURE THEY’RE IN THE SHOT AS WE’RE WALKING BY JUST KIND OF CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT THE WHOLE PROJECT IS.” There was some concern originally about this trekker view causing trails to get more crowded raising possible safety issues — but the H-V-C-B says it worked closely with the DLNR to pick out exactly what places to promote. There’s 15 of them being showcased at the moment across Oahu. The trekker view already rolled out on the Big Island earlier this year — and Kauai is on tap for shooting next month. The Garden Island — set

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