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– We’re going to Hawaii This is so beautiful. This is awesome. – [Carl] I think this
is the shoe right here that’s gonna start it all for me. (upbeat music) If the vlog looks different it’s because we got the new Sony RX5, I
think that’s what it’s called. The RX1005, and so you can
watch our vlogs in 4K now. We’re gonna try and make the push to 4K HD So click the settings and
check it out if you got a 4K monitor or screen to watch. We are still in sunny California
for a little bit longer but we have to head home in the morning. For those of you who live in California, do you know exactly
where we’re at right now? Are we on the five? – Yes, uh ten, we’re on the ten. – [Carl] We’re on the ten
right now, we’re on the ten. You probably see this on the freeway. Let us know down in the
comments if you guys have been here and you know where we’re at. This lucky girl right here,
doesn’t have to go home. She just goes back to Salt Lake City. – I mean it is hard being me. – And then she flies out to Hawaii – I have so much work to do in Hawaii – So much work, right. Kyle right here looks like
he’s ready to hit the beach. You got your muscle
shirt one, star wars hat, put your shades on, you gotta
complete the whole package. Don’t poke yourself in the eye silly. We’re in Downtown LA in
Hollywood on Hollywood Boulevard Walking along the stars right now. We’re here with the
biggest stars of them all, Brooklyn and Bailey and
Cute Girl’s Hairstyle. What’s up guys? Are we about
to do a hip-hop dance off with these guys over here on the street? Are we really? – I’m over here like, and she’s like – [Carl] And she’s actually doing moves? You’re just like convulsing
and they’re doing actual dancing? Is that what we’re doing? There we go, there we go, wow there we go, on the stars, nice – On a fun note, five seconds
ago Carl almost punched out a guy to save Mindy’s life. – I know I’m either her
boyfriend or her dad. (laughter) – No one really knows. Sean
don’t you worry, Carl’s got it – This guy comes up and he
just like starts talking and like touching Mindy’s
arm and everything. And then I felt like her dad. – Always in Hollywood, always. – I wanted to fight him
in the streets of LA anyway it didn’t happen,
it’s all funny now – And he was a criminal, he
let us know like 25 times. – Like 5 times, he was a criminal. – We’re saying goodbye to our friends. Guys they, can you tell
them what you’re doing? – [Carl] We can’t talk
about your secret projects, or are they secret? – Yeah, we’re recording. – Music – [Carl] Guys go subscribe
to Brooklyn, Bailey, and Cute Girls Hairstyle cause– – Okay they kinda sang it
for me like, it’s good. – [Carl] Yeah, we heard the
song live for the first time – It makes you wanna,
you know what I’m sayin? – [Carl] It’s really awesome. You’re gonna wanna get it. So go check them out, click the i-card and go check out their
channels and subscribe, its worth it, totally worth it. Love you guys – Love you – Bye – We’re back at the airport (laughs) – Yeah but not for us. – Just for me. – Jinger I’m gonna miss you. – I know – I don’t know what we’re
gonna do without you – I’m having this moment where I’m like why am I going to Hawaii without my love. – We’ll go another time. – Okay – Bye – I love you too much – [Carl] Okay you take this camera And we’ll go get another one. – Okay – We just boarded the
plane and we have these little pods, like check this out. Guys the TV, oh wait maybe it doesn’t (laughs) whoops I figured it out, now I can
watch TV the whole time. Check this out (gasps) You guys How’s your view over there girls? – [Woman’s Voice] I am
gonna be on one of those floaty things in that pool in 10 minutes. That is my goal. – [Jinger] Oh my word you guys, this view. This is the most beautiful
views of all the views. I cannot even believe this. – [Ellie] Oh my god. – [Jinger] All I can hear is
Ellie freaking out over there. – We just had dinner
and we are stepping our feet in the water for the first time. Oh my gosh you guys. – Walking in the hotel room I was like. – [Jinger] This water
is the warmest water, I have felt, since Aruba. – [Carl] The boys are
about ready to get fitted with some, I don’t know we’re with Deehan – We’re going on a little shopping spree – [Carl] Shopping spree. – Updating the wardrobe
for the new seasons coming up so we’re excited
the boys are about to look– – We’re gonna get the kids
some actual good style clothes and Deehan’s
gonna help us do that. You kids out there that
wanna learn how to dress right and get the right
shoes and kicks and sneakers and all that, I’ll put a
link to Deehan’s channel go check him out because
that’s the best place to go. So you like what you
got so far in the bag? Yeah? Deehan’s picking out
some pretty fly stuff here it’s looking good. – The fitting room and
the boys are about to look clean coming out of here – [Carl] Should we do a
little men’s fashion show? You wanna do that kyle?
Show off our new stuff? How do you say it Deehan? He looks clean? – Yeah oh, they look super fresh you know. (laugher) – [Carl] You like that style? – Yes – [Carl] I actually
think it fits you better than the way you’ve been dressing dude I really think so, looks nice It’s time to complete the package. We’re getting some fresh
kicks, you guys ready? – Yeah – So I really wanna get into
like cool shoes and sneakers and start dressing right.
Now that I’m losing weight, I’ve gone through the weight-loss surgery, I’m starting to drop weight,
I wanna wear good clothes and we are actually
having Deehan help us out with our style on everything. Did you guys have a good time? – Yeah that was so fun – Awesome – So fun – [Carl] Oh my god. Wow dude, look at that. Look at the bottom man – [Deehan] Feeling right, oh my goodness. – [Carl] Those are the nicest
shoes, man, I’ve ever had and you are the man with the
connections and the hookup. – You got more coming
too, you guys wait until a little bit later in this
week, you’re gonna see what else we’ve picked up for Carl. – [Carl] Dude, yeah, I’m
gonna put these on for special occasions only, and that’s it. – Most heat on YouTube,
watch out, Carl’s coming in to over take everything. – [Carl] We’re gonna come
into CVX Live and turn heads. – You ready, oh neck
breakers, these are what you call neck breakers,
people are breaking their necks turning their heads looking at ’em – Heck yeah Deehan’s really cool,
if you wanna check out what we’re doing you
gotta watch on Instagram because we’re gonna start
taking like professional style pictures and everything
with the boys in fashion and Jinger is gonna get some outfits. We’re gonna head home now
the weather is really bad, So hopefully we can get home safe. – I love that this resort
lights this thing up. Look how beautiful these
lights are you guys. Lets just go ahead and
take that top knot off like all these girls can wear
top knots and they look so cute and I’m like woah. My hair
is just too thick for that. They have all these
shops in here you guys, where they have like gifts and stuff. I think I need to get some
stuff for the boys tomorrow. – [Carl] It’s the next
day and we’ve been in Utah for two days and because
of a winter storm warning and a blizzard. We haven’t
even been able to get home yet. We’re stuck here. We got back from California
two days ago back to the hotel and I only made it half
way or like part way home and had to stay at my brother’s
house overnight all of us did just because we’re
trying to make it home alive. It is such a relief to get
here it was a stressful drive through the snow and the cold. Now that we’re home I
wanna show you some of the coolest sneakers ever made up close. These are the Adidas OG NMDs. So clean, so cool. I put them on once, and I’m not gonna lie, they are the lightest
weight, most comfortable shoe or sneaker that I have ever worn. The cushion is unbelievable,
the style is unbelievable and I think this is the shoe right here that’s gonna start it all for me. I’m probably gonna start
collecting, really cool sneakers. Tell me down in the
comments if you are into cool sneakers or shoes,
basketball shoes, or whatever Tell me down in the comments,
like what should I get? What is the coolest one out there, that you think I should have?
But man these are just so nice – [Jinger] Look where we are oh my goodness, it’s sorta raining, and everything is so green and beautiful it’s so beautiful. This super cloudy like
wet weather is so fun because it’s like the beach
and then you come up here and it’s like beautiful green
mountains. It’s so awesome. Aruba was so flat and kind of dessert-y, and I’m just loving this
island, it’s so beautiful. We just spent the last,
like thirty minutes, trying to find this
trail head for this hike that leads to a waterfall,
and you can see this huge highway right here
and we went back and forth cause there’s a median,
we couldn’t turn around, and it got really crazy. The crazy thing about this
hike is that the rocks and even the tree roots are so slippery cause it just rained a whole
bunch, and so we’re being a little reckless and
we’re going for it anyways. So wet, all the, splashing puddles – Like Peppa the Pig – [Jinger] Like Peppa
the Pig, cause our life is like a cartoon, woo – That’s all I think about – [Jinger] Oh my word, you
guys this is beautiful. I mean look at this,
like what in the world. Where am I? All this bamboo is so beautiful, oh that’s really wet. Look at this bamboo, it’s
huge, I have never seen anything like this before. (imitating chicken) there’s wild chickens
guys, and guess what? It smells exactly like
chicken poop right now. I had to switch over to
the GoPro, cause it started raining again, but you
guys this is exactly what I imagined Hawaii being
like, away from the ocean, it is the most magnificent
thing I have ever seen This trail starts out
as a road and then turns into just a regular mountain trail. So we’ll probably have to
go back to slippery rocks and roots and giant muddy puddles that smell like chicken poo, which is great. The mountain girl in me
is going a little haywire because I don’t know
exactly the trail that we’re supposed to go on. We have this trail,
that stays on the road, and then we have this road,
which goes up the stairs. So we don’t know where to go, so I guess, the only way to decide is which
one looks more adventurous Up the stairs, I think that
looks the most adventurous anyways, that’s what I would have chosen. These rainforest tunnels
are my favorite thing, they’re so cool, all of the
green vegetation is like every single color of green,
and maybe even some greens I’ve never seen before. I just didn’t know how awesome this was, like I knew that Hawaii was
full of like, mountains, and the beach, and you know
you see all the pictures online and stuff, but this
is exceptionally awesome. These are gnarly tree
roots and they are so slick while it’s raining, oh my goodness. This is a pretty crazy
little part of the trail, but it’s so cool because
these waterfalls go down into the stream and you have to
cross the dam right there. (cheerful music) Ellie I feel so adventurous right now. – Uhm I love you, this is amazing. – This is like slippery, slimy mud, but I can’t even tell you
how fun it is to get like super dirty and climb through
all this like vegetation. This is so awesome. This is s very, very
steep part of the hike. They have a rope here
so you can hang onto it and catch your balance,
but see on the other side, of the mountain is this, like, stream, you guys totally got this. Don’t worry I’ll get it
on camera. If you fall I’ll get the shot, I swear. – Then it will be worth it. – Of course we are on the
hard side of the little creek – But we rocked it. – Yeah, but we totally
did it so we’re good now. We just have to cross this
like, very dangerous stream and then everything is gonna be fine. It’s a little wet if you
can’t tell but the rain just makes it more and more fun. Everyone is just soaking wet. (rain falling) (laughing) Bonnie almost (mummbled) The number one rule on a girls trip is, we don’t have to always do everything, just as long as everybody’s
having fun all the time, then we’re good, and so far
everyone’s enjoying themselves even though we are drowning in a rainstorm it’s really fun. (waterfall rushing) We made it to the waterfall We didn’t die, it’s a miracle. Look at it, that is so beautiful. This is so awesome, it
was really dangerous, but we’re so glad that we did it. – [Woman 1] It’s so
refreshing I’m shaking. Jinger is such a good girl. – [Woman 2] Jinger rocks my socks off. (screaming) Standing in a waterfall in Hawaii. This is so awesome. (muffled by water) okay, this is definitely
something I’m gonna remember for the rest of my life,
this is amazing you guys. The danger, the mystery
of it, the adventure of it It’s so awesome We just got back to our
hotel room from the hike everyone’s cold, everyone’s like all wet so we had to shower and change our clothes and now I’m gonna send
this footage to Carl, and I hope they’re doing
good and I love you guys, and thank you for letting
me come to Hawaii. You’re the best husband ever – [Carl] This company sent us this Laser X real-life laser tag gaming experience. Its so awesome, they sent us two boxes it’s the same company that
makes the super wubble because we’ve been making so
many awesome wubble videos they sent us four blue
super wubbles as well. Look we got gummy food
so we can do gummy food verses real food. We got
two different kinds of that. Finally found, actually Kyle found these. We found little Pikachus
so we can make molds of Pokemon Pikachus and
then make chocolate Pikachu or gummy, or any kind of cool stuff that we wanna do with that. Out in the back of the car I actually have a giant tank like a 20 liter tank. For liquid nitrogen, and
I’m gonna go get that filled tomorrow. So, everyone can
look forward to some cool liquid nitrogen stuff. In the meantime, one other comment request,
let me know down in the comments below, what stuff
I should freeze solid in actual liquid nitrogen
and then smash with a giant sledgehammer. That’s it for this video.
So make sure and turn the notifications on by ringing the bell, click anywhere on the screen to subscribe, and to watch more videos. Thank you so much for hanging out with us. I hope you enjoyed the vlog and we’ll see you guys next time, bye.

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