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HAWAII VLOG 🌺 we climbed the highest peak on Oahu

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this is my car no jumping first time exploring how I look to our Airbnb unpack shower and now we ran our Jeep we’re not right and we’re gonna check out a beach that herself out I didn’t find it he looked it up I looked it up hopefully there’s not a lot of people there as you can tell we’ve prepared we have our hats prepared glasses I mean how happy are you from one to ten eleven you’re so happy [Music] [Music] our second day and we woke up at 7:00 and it was hot as hell like talking about a hot is a long time Oh like we drove to the Lanikai pill-box trails to go look at the pillboxes over there yeah after that I think we went down and we went to the Lanikai Beach very beautiful what I’m saying beautiful I mean the water and the temperature of the water it was just everything was just beautiful the sand was beautiful the water was beautiful the weather just loved it more all the way to like [Music] [Music] hi guys hi guys hello Heather here I think it’s called Hulu mundo gonna happen anyway so we’re doing its hike it’s pretty dangerous so I don’t know if we’re gonna make it pretty dangerous to the top it’s so we’re on our second hike here in Hawaii this one looks like no one else is here except for us that’s what it looks like and it’s pretty hot as you can tell we’re gonna print we’re wearing a lot of sunscreen oh and yeah after that hike if we make it alive we’re probably gonna go check out some nice beach and later we want to have some shrimp some of the traditional food here and yeah we’ll show you all of that we made it to the entrance of the hike could have parked right here we didn’t know about that so we hiked for about I don’t know 15 minutes to get here um and it’s only the beginning and yours Oh baby you wanna walk on there you’re crazy yeah little update from us as you could see we’re really lucky because we got a riot to the start of the Tomoko the start of the trail not the whole truth yeah just the start of it to the start and Hales that was a long ride actually so just getting to the trail would be like an hour what cuz it’s blocked by a gate so you can’t bring your cars up here this is pretty well we keep hearing weird sounds in the bushes we’re hoping there’s no wild animals we just seen first time seeing someone coming back down from it so not a lot of people know about this or they don’t want to do it maybe because just to get here the trail is the same I’m soaking wet from sweat still it’s already it’s already steep as it is but we’ve told these guests it gets steeper so thing so steep you need a rub to get up here but we’re almost there as you can see where we’re gonna be riding in the cloud oh we’re so dirty literally one step one step wrong and you’re dead we did it guys we’re dying right now behind us the mountain as you can see yeah we’re going up that freakin mountain we’re dying right now we run out of water ran out of water yeah we’re almost passed out we’re just dreaming and we’re talking how we’re gonna go to the store and get some ice cold cold ice we’re just so I almost threw up he almost threw up it’s hard of ice you got it boy you gotta be prepared for the hyper so my legs oh yeah for sure my backpack looks like this they’re probably after this we’re gonna have some drinks and then we’re gonna head to the beach have some rest and cool down would have the option water beach right now this place got some gnarly wave check it out good cause Patti right now [Music] hey guys another day on the island is a date three first XIII today as you can tell my family puts makeup on the first time here and we’re going to the Botanical Garden to take some nice pictures but before we’re gonna go out for breakfast we skipped breakfast at home today because we found friends because it’s like 10 20 already brunch 10 Yoko’s tendon Yoko’s market never know how their bouquet just enjoying today is a chill-out day because yesterday as you can see in a vlog we did the hike so we deserve some relaxation just hanging out some ball hockey ball yummy you know pictures [Music] guys a little update from us so today’s the day we’re supposed to return the car but we thought it’s not easy not to have a car on the island and it would have to Mondays here without a car so we thought we’re gonna extend so we’re looking into the papers and are gonna give a call to the company that we’re keeping the car and so or until Monday [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] sorry he tacos which is like smoked salmon right it is actually too much time to say goodbye to all room I head to the airport Westview for my window beautiful sky what’s crack-a-lackin’ Megan it’s your boy we just arrived in San Francisco from Hawaii Patti you will be starting tomorrow have some spam eggs

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