Hawaii travel vlog No.1 – Oahu

Iolani Palace, apparently a palace from a former king I hope you can see it in behind Now it’s a long way to go over the obstacles and terrain We’re going there tommorow To the top of this hill Now we’re half way there Uhm, stairs! Survived my first time driving an automatic. Supposedly the best surf spot on Oahu It kind of looks scary. I wouldn’t want to try it. Since I don’t know how to surf. Yet. Snack. Family pack Sorry. I have to look down otherwise I might fall down. Because the ground looks like this… We just ate a delicious acai bowl. Which is sort of like a frozen smoothie. And you can choose a lot of toppings. At least 20 different kinds of toppings. The thing is so huge we took the small one and it was still this big! You probably can’t see it but it’s pouring right now. We are totally wet! You can’t see it?! Totally wet! New day. New car. Nisan Altima. It’s way nicer then the one we had yesterday. It’s kind of weird to drive and you can’t really adjust the drivers seat. I don’t get it. It just goes up and down. I have short legs. What can I do? We arrived! These rocks are amazing. Soooo steep. It’s not even the hill. It’s the heat! A huge wave! Here comes another one. I’m so tired… Here we are at the temple. Looks really fancy. The birds lost their minds! You’ll hear it when we come closer…

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