Hawaii Travel Tips: Land Safety

You have to think about it from a Hawaiian perspective. And the Hawaiian perspective is that this is our ‘ohana. Before you go hiking ensure that it’s a public trail that you can access. If you’re gonna be hiking in a place where you’re unsure if it’s safe or legal to
access make sure you consult with a local guide that has a lot of experience
in the area that you’re going to. There’s some really hot areas there’s some
really cold areas so just make sure you’re prepared for any kind of
conditions. Proper footwear is really important. Having a light jacket having
rain protection. When you’re hiking stay on the trail. Never enter places without
permission. You know, the old environmental credo
still stands. We want to take only pictures leave only footprints. If we can
take that mentality back and spread those ideas around the world then the
world would be a much better place.

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