Hawaii Travel-Climbing Up the Very Steep Koko Head Crater

so here I am at a Koko Head crater hike it’s a really steep hike 1080 steps up a very steep bunch straight up get back here anyway I just made it to the 400 step yeah let’s see the background it’s beautiful let’s see if we survived okay continuing on you actually made this part Huxley if he makes up to beat that out of the video I had to rest I’m not even halfway up the steep part it’s pretty tough it’s like Stairmaster for the hell I seriously okay but keep going we good actually going down way harder and blowing up my knees are killing me I made it I made it up this ridiculous here you see it I made it where I go again probably probably because I’m crazy like that this is actually a great hike recommended for those that are moderately fit if you’re really fit and you want to work out this is great walking

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