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Hawaii – Oahu travel vlog

We are now at the Sandy Beach Park, we’ve seen some food trucks around and, now we are going to check it out. Food trucks are the best 🙂 Michael bought a huge cocktail. Finally, I will change some money. …but we’ve already had some loonies. Michael and his cocktail. The cocktail is great! What is inside? Pineapple and mango… … and some ice cream. It is great! Big waves and Michael! Last people on the beach. We were a little bored at home, so I made a decision that we are going to Waikiki. For now, we’re walking around… Tell them something more about the road leading to the city, which was really really dark… In addition, the parking meter pulled in my 10 bucks. Ah yes… but the road was dark… Luckily the speed limit is 25 km/h practically everywhere, so we did not get a chance to gain high speed. It was quite dangerous… …and the parking meter actually pulled in our 10 bucks and at the moment Michael’s evening is devastated 😀 Our region is better. I have to admit that our region is tropical, insular and here we have a typical city with palm trees.. A city with palm trees…:D Ok, it is 10:24 P.M. We are starving… We are coming back from our night walk around Waikiki. Did you like it? I didn’t. I assume that the beach is great. The beach may be nice. …but we haven’t seen much, because there was really dark so… Generally, water like water, when it is dark, it does not matter what color it has. Generally, a lot of hotels, so many homeless people. Nice hotels, but the infrastructure of the city from the 80s, everthing is neglected… The city does not make you feel that you are on the tropical island. Unlike our region. We have already said that the only differences between regular city and Honolulu are palm trees and location by the ocean. That’s all. We don’t recommend. I made a good decision choosing the Kailua region. The Kailua region and the Waimanalo region, generally the entire North Shore area will be 100 % better than Waikiki. We are surrounded by greenery, beautiful wild beaches, wonderful water … the place is not crowded … I bet that normally during the day the Waikiki is super crowded. The beaches are small, ours are definitely bigger… That’s it for today. We’re going back home to eat something. Where are we, Michael? We are at the Kualoa Ranch, where we are gonna take a Hollywood Movie Sites Tour. The cost of one ticket is $45. We’ ll see, if it’s worth it. Now, we are waiting for our turn. This is our bus. Our tickets. We are on board right now. Our bus has no windows, so we can do ,,cold elbow” 😀 Michael has thick legs and he doesn’t fit here. We’ve just seen the log from the Jurassic Park movie. We’ve got some photos. I have got bitten by mosquitoes. Twice. This is how the area looks like. We are back. We’ve watched the sites where the popular Hollywood movies were filmed. Was it worth it? $45 per one person…. I don’t know… Maybe… I’ve got two bites, so in the next video I will be suffering from Zika virus. In the next video will be another girl. Bye for now! We are going home, because we are hungry. Hungry… Michal will be cooking, becasue my left hand has been bitten. No, what are you planning to cook? Michal will be cooking, becasue I have been bitten and my left hand is disable. I think I’ll eat at the restaurant. Take me with you! Okay, that’s it for now. Which day is it? Day third… Fourth? Today is Wednesday, so it’s the fourth day. Where we are going? We will be snorkeling. We are going to dive at the Hanauma Bay. We will check if the parking lot is full, lately was full… I can’t swim and I am going to dive…If someone is curious… I took a swimming board for you. How can I dive with a board? You need to dip your head in the water and you will be watching … The plan is that we are going to the Hanauma Bay, we will take a bath there…then, we will check the Diamond Head Crater… Maybe we will do the Coco Trail hike, if we save some time… Should I take a mosquito repellent? What? Nooo… So we will see… Ok, so we have a plan. Whare we are Michael and what didn’t work? We couldn’t enter the Hanauma Bay, because the parking lot was congested. We are going to check the Diamond Head Crater right now. The Diamond Head is there… We are at the Diamond Head Crater, we are going to the volcano to see the crater… We are in the crater… Are we? It became a bit of a jungle… We’ve paid $5 to get a parking spot … There is no extra charge for entering this place, except for the parking fee. Yes, it means that 20 people can come with one car and the fee will be the same… … if someone does not want to wait for a parking space in the main parking lot, there is also another public parking, which is free. It is possible to get here on foot. In this case, the cost of entry per person is $1. Michal is here and he is going there… Ok, we are done and we are not tired… We are not tired… It was easy but a little bit crowdy… The views are amazing, so at least the views are really worth visiting this place. A lot of people, so you have to be aware of this if you want to visit this place. Our next stop is the baech. We wanted to go on the Allan Davis Beach, but on the way there we’ve noticed that the parking lot at the Hanauma Bay is open. So we will be diving… I am going to dive with my swimming board, if it is possible at all. This is how the Hanauma Bay looks like. We are at the Hanauma Bay, just after first bath in the ocean… It is great! A lot of fish. Michael was diving for 20 minutes. Generally, we were surprised, because before we entered the beach, we had to watch a video about our safety in this area and on how to dive the coral reef. What’s more? Touching the coral reef is forbidden. Prices… $1 for a spot at the parking and $7,5 for entry. A lot of people, all diving, they all have professional equipment… There are some people who have life jackets… This is something. It is worth visiting once and see… at least these fishes. At the beginning of the pre-entry talk, the guy said that there are also turtles here… …but turtles may be encountered early in the morning. Generally in the morning, most of the underwater fauna is in the area disigned for visitors. We are going to take a bath once again. The guy also told us that there are a lot of whales here and we can take advantage of this unique opportunity to see the whale because the entire population has moved nearby. Moreover, when we were buying our diving equipment, the seller told us that now there is a whale season in Hawaii. … he encouraged us to look over the surface of the water to see whales that can jump up to 30 times in a row. That’s it.

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  1. Michael – you do NOT need to feed the street meters after 6pm…also it is free on Sundays …in Waikiki the only area where you DO have to feed the meter is in Kapiolani Park where there are street meters…but of course, just find empty stalls where there is NO meters …

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