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Have Miami teachers earned a raise?

since passing a teacher merit pay law in
2011 Florida Governor Rick Scott and a republican-controlled legislature have
refused to give teachers a raise that law also eliminated the step schedule
which severely hurt mid to late career teachers so far this year teachers in
six states have gone on strike the Florida law prohibits teachers from
striking that’s why this school year Florida classrooms are missing more than
4,000 teachers nowhere is this critical shortfall more apparent than in Miami
where teachers can’t even afford to buy a house in their own community the
district ranks 47th nationally in teacher affordability and a teacher with
ten years experience could spend two thirds of her salary on a two-bedroom
that’s why the miami-dade County public school board unanimously approved
wording for referendum on the November ballot to give all instructional
personnel a raise the measure sailed through the Miami Commission unanimously
it asked voters to raise property taxes by 75 cents per 1,000 dollars of taxable
value would cost the average home owner less than a hundred and forty two
dollars and it is projected to bring in about a billion dollars exclusively for
miami-dade over the next four years superintendent of built of kvo
recommended allocating ninety percent of the new funding for teacher salaries and
ten percent for school security he said that would allow the district to give
some teachers up to a 20 percent raise although decisions about the size of the
raises which teachers would get them would be determined during salary
negotiations with the teachers union the rest of the money will go towards hiring
armed personnel to comply with the Legislature’s hardening of schools
mandate after four years miami-dade voters will get the chance to renew the
bond other Florida districts have successfully passed similar measures
including Pinellas County which has renewed their bond four times since
first passing it 16 years ago in his remarks the superintendent noted the
district received its first ever a rating from the state do e quote there’s
no better time than now to ask this question this November’s ballot will be
an historically long one so make sure to go
all the way to the end to find the question full disclosure I am an MD CPS
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3 thoughts on “Have Miami teachers earned a raise?

  1. The law didn't elimnate the steps, that was all UTD! The law gave the districts 3 years to establish 2 schedules. Grandfather and performance!!!!

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