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Have an Adventure in Oahu: Hawaii Water Sports at Koko Marina

Hello, welcome to Hawaii Travels. My name
is Paul and in this video we’re going to show you where you can do water sports
in Oahu. Let’s go! So my wife and her friend work for a
travel magazine in Oahu and get to do all sorts of fun and crazy stuff. I got
to tag along as the cameraman for this trip and it was definitely an adventure.
But there’s a few things you should know before you decide to book a water sports
trip. We visited Hawaii Water Sports Center in Koko Marina, which is located
just at the base of Koko Head- which is the big mountain you see here. We checked in, signed the waiver forms,
and then watched a safety video about how not to fall in the water and kill
yourself. They have different packages that you can choose from, but we chose
the 3 for $99 deal which is what most people do. Then we waited for the boat to
come and pick us up and we were on our way. They take you up to this big barge with
a lot of other people and then it’s time to wait. There was already a pretty big
crowd of people there and I think we waited about 30 minutes before we could
ride jet skis. You can partner up if you have a buddy or drive by yourself, but I
think it’s more fun with two people. The jet skis aren’t that hard to drive but my wife and her friend were
still struggling quite a bit… and I’ll just leave it at that. You get to ride for about 20 minutes
before they bring you back in but it seems like long enough. You can’t go out
very far into the ocean so you’re mostly just doing loops in the harbor. Next up was parasailing. We got on
another boat which transferred us to yet another boat and then we were up in the
air. This activity didn’t last very long
maybe about five or ten minutes but it was pretty fun. If you’ve never been
parasailing before, it’s quite the experience. They will dunk you in the
water like this so just be aware that you will get wet on this one. Was it scary? In the beginning I was so
(scared) but later on with Rachel accompanying me I calmed down a lot, so now I’m fine. After that was the
snorkeling part of our adventure and this is where things got interesting. So
you get on this barge with a bunch of other people. Scuba people sit in the
back and snorkel people sit in the front. They give you a safety briefing about
what to do and what not to do but it’s all pretty straightforward.
They provide goggles and breathing tubes if you don’t have your own, and then
there’s a big jug of water in case you get thirsty, which you most definitely
will. It took about 20 minutes to reach the
first swimming spot and as soon as the boat stopped, everyone jumped in. Now I don’t normally get seasick but on
this day the waves were pretty choppy. As soon as I jumped back on the boat I
really started to feel it. The girls were feeling it too. I won’t go into detail
but let’s just say the fish got fed really well. Whereas the jet ski and
parasailing went by really fast, the snorkeling took several hours. Now this
could be a good or a bad thing. It’s great if you don’t get seasick and
really enjoy snorkeling. It’s not so great if you do get seasick, because well,
just imagine this happening to you for three straight hours. They took us to a
second spot for a little while but everyone on the boat seemed pretty
exhausted by that point. I went for a swim and I got bitten by a fish!
Seriously, like who gets bitten by fish? The boat captain said it was the first
time she’d ever seen anything like that. I guess there’s a first time for
everything. So yeah just remember that there is a
chance, no matter how slight, that you will get attacked by fish when you swim
in Hawaii. So yeah, aside from the seasickness and fish bite,
I’d say the experience was well worth the 99 dollars. The staff were pretty
friendly and seemed to know what they were doing.
I’d recommend taking lots of sunscreen, water, a hat, and motion sickness medicine.
You should bring a waterproof camera too if you have one. They’ll sell you
pictures and videos of your trip, but it’s a little pricey in my opinion.
Anyway, that’s it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it and please like and
subscribe to my channel if you want to learn more about stuff to do in Hawaii.

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