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Haute Route – Luggage Transfers: Best Way to Hike the Alps

Are you planning a trek in the alps this summer? Good for you. Then we have a suggestion that should put a real bounce in your step. Greg, you’re on the Haute Route all summer long from Chamonix to Zermatt. What’s an easy way to lighten your load? Well, we recommend luggage transfers. That way your luggage is picked up at the hotel after you leave in the morning and then it’s magically waiting for you when you arrive at your hotel in the afternoon. That sounds great! Oh, it is and on our guided tours luggage transfers are included in the tour price. For our self-guided hikers, luggage transfers are optional, but highly recommended. But why would someone want luggage transfers? Well, you’ll travel light. You’ll hike with just a daypack and then you’ll enjoy the experience more fully. You’ll see more. You’ll do more, and you’ll have more time in the villages. Plus, you’re not bogged down by excess gear or clothing. It’s just a smart, efficient way to travel. All that sounds great, but there are surely other benefits of luggage transfers. What are they? Yes, you don’t have to wash your clothes every night. Now you’re talking my language. And then you have clean clothes to wear in the evening without having to carry all those clothes all day long. Now, I know this can’t be free, so what do luggage transfers cost? Let me give you a range: for a group of four hikers it’s between 75 dollars and 500 dollars per person. 75 dollars covers a single transfer from Chamonix to Zermatt, and 500 would be for a 15 day trip and having your luggage at every possible location. Now, if you want to cut costs you may decide that you don’t need luggage transfers every single night, maybe just every other night. You can discuss these options with one of our Haute Route experts. Alright, well that makes sense. How do you guarantee a great experience with your luggage transfers? Well first, have your bags clearly tagged. We provide these sturdy, bright red luggage tags free of charge and then make sure that you don’t have anything dangling or attached to your bag, like a neck pillow or something could snag and fall off. Well, that makes sense. How reliable are luggage transfers? We’ve transferred thousands of bags over the past 10 years and never once lost a bag. So, we do these transfers ourselves. They’re not farmed out to some third party. We are the Sherpas. Okay, so in the grand scheme of things, are luggage transfers really worth it? Yes, you’ve come to the Alps to enjoy the greatest hiking in the world, not to schlepp bags. You’ll have a better overall experience. You’ll feel better, hike more comfortably, avoid blisters and feel less fatigue at the end of the day. I’ve never met an Haute Route hiker who regretted having luggage transfers, so bite the bullet pay for them upfront, and you’ll never have to think about it again once you’re on the trip. It’s pure peace of mind. Thanks a lot Greg. See you on the trail.

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