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Harvest Tractor Breakdown in Brazil! | Rice Harvest 2019

Grab your sunglasses and sunscreen, kick off our shoes, because the 2019 rice harvest has started right here in Brazil. We are back in Joinville visiting my favorite farming duo–brothers, Elvis and Fabio who I visited last year during their harvest in
2018. Ok guys, I’m here with Elvis right now. Let’s catch up with them and see how things
are going. Oh they just started on Monday and today is
Wednesday so two days ago. The productions are little lower this year
Elvis says. Too soon to tell since they only started two
days ago.But hey, we’re cutting rice Elvis just said that this combine here can
cut a hundred and thirty sacks per acre. I’ll have to do all the conversions later. Elvis just finished this check here but stopped the harvester, let’s check out and see what’s going on. So what it is, is a pretty obvious problem,
but this belt has burnt off. I’m gonna put the camera down and see if I
can help Elvis. Well I definitely did not want to make this
video about a harvester breakdown but it looks like that’s how it’s going. Three belts have broken and I just got done telling Elvis that we had a horrible harvest because of all of our tractor breakdowns,
he only started two days ago and now he’s down. So Elvis’s brother, Fabio is picking up the
replacement belts, there’s a mechanic close by and we are heading to Fabio’s house right
now just because there’s just not much we can do out here Mauricio. Mauricio chao! Mauricio there, is the third brother of Elvis
and Fabio who I did not meet last year because he was driving the stomper tractor. The tractor that was incorporating the rice
straw back into the earth after it was cut. And he was driving the tractor with the grain
cart that we saw earlier and now that the harvester has broken down he’s going to jump on to the stomper tractor just so he can continue working. So I’m back at the harvester with Elvis, Fabio has also shown up with the replacement belts,
the mechanic is here too, they’re taking a look seeing what went wrong and fixing everything. So hopefully this breakdown won’t be too detrimental
to their progress here today. What actually ended up happening was the AC
belt burnt off, a piece of that belt got somehow into the pulley or interfered with the main
drive belt and burnt that belt as well. Quite a bit of mechanic work is required
So come on guys! Let’s go take a look at the work that’s being done here. So as the boys continue to replace the belts
on this combine I’m going to take advantage of the downtime and the fact that there’s
a neighbor cutting rice just right over here and do a little drone flight. Let’s check it out! Man, I can remember in our harvest this year it sucked so much to see a combine pass by
cutting rice when I was stuck with a breakdown Got it fixed! Got it fixed! They’re filling this truck to the brim
literally. That’s Douglas there. I just met him now. Giovanni working for Douglas and his dad driving the tractor here. And it was Douglas dad who was driving the combine earlier Douglas. Douglas is staying with the truck, gonna take
it to the silo to the dryer Let’s go back and see how Fabio and Elvis
are doing with their combine. This is what I love about being a farmer traveling
to rural areas, meet new friends all the time. We’ve got a lot in common with these guys out here. Anyway, right over there Elvis and Fabio let’s see how progress is coming along with the combine. Man, I feel bad that they’ve been down for
so long but no matter what happens at least we got to see somebody harvesting: Douglas and his dad. Let’s go! Oh, big jump! By the way, for those of you who are wondering why I’m so comfortable just walking around barefoot here, it’s because last year Elvis told me
there is no problem, no rocks, no snakes, nothing that can hurt you out here in the
rice fields are on the dirt roads. All right! But I wasn’t accustomed to it back then I guess, so I wore my shoes anyway and guess who got in trouble for getting their
shoes all muddy? So, just getting my toenails dirty. Ok guys, back at the combine now problem is the batteries out but awesome opportunity to meet Raul… The dad of Elvis Fabio and Mauricio.
Mauricio is still stomping back over there, but Raul just explain to me something super interesting. That this plant right here is about to be
harvested, obviously we’re seeing that right, but if you look down you’re also seeing some
kind of regrowth here This regrowth they’re gonna have a second
harvest this year and I always thought the second harvest came from the seeds that fell
out of the harvester like just what they lost was not a big deal because it was going to
regrow and they were gonna harvest that later, but that, in fact is wrong. What is actually happening, they’re cutting
the rice high and new sprouts are coming out of the same plant that are protected because,
well, they’re not cutting so low and those sprouts are going to regrow,
re-go in through the reproductive phase and give them their second crop that’s something I just learned. Now that the combine is back up and running I gotta get out of here basically guys, I’m out of a battery the camera’s almost out of
battery. Fabio here… Fabio here is gonna give it a little test
run. Let’s wait, just see what happens, see if
this thing actually can cut some rice. It’s cutting! Isn’t that cute? Two brothers and one dad and other brother is in the harvester, cutting rice. Good ending to this dramatic day of rice harvest here in Brazil. It’s almost hard for me to say goodbye, you
know? But, uh…got to do it.

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68 thoughts on “Harvest Tractor Breakdown in Brazil! | Rice Harvest 2019

  1. I didn't come back to watch more combine break down ๐Ÿ™ Too dramatized from your 2018 harvest. On the good note, they were able to get it back up and running ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. One time farmer, always a farmer. You canโ€™t live without it. Thank you for sharing your amazing story, just love it. God bless you and your family

  3. Matthew, is the track application for flotation? Or to begin the process of incorporating the stalks back into the earth? -Bob…

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  5. pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚ Something I never noticed asked before- can you harvest at night if you need to? The corn and bean farmers around here seem to do it occaisionally with lights.

  6. Do they have internet? Rice looks a little green; in California yโ€™all donโ€™t get second crop? We do in Louisiana. Great video

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  8. Amazing work. Well done Mathew.
    Please keep in the back of your head visiting Iraq, one day, – one of the first places rice were produced by humans.
    There, a piece of machinery enters the field to work being already broken, but humans' determination makes it work!

    Growing rice in Iraq is a story of life and death, where your fans wish Mathew will shine explaining it, sometime in the future.

    The video above is another masterpiece from Rice Farming TV
    . We wish all what is posted on youtube by others comes to its fine quality.

  9. Another great video. Will you ask Rual if he can arrange a visit to the dryer? He had one son running the tractor over the straw to get it to decompose in the field. And yet you said that the rice was being cut high so that it would sprout for the second harvest. Very interesting.

  10. Are the fields there wetter/softer at time of harvest by comparison to what you see at home Matt ? Great video yet again and the editing skills ๐Ÿ‘ very enjoyable viewing …

  11. Another great video Matt. I also really liked the background music. I love hearing you speak Portuguese, it reminds me of
    my mother and her family and all the stories of them growing up on the Islands.

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    Thanks for all of the GREAT videos. Love your channel and love your rice. It's delicious!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Awesome video.

  16. Great video Matt! Here it is another year and I know you'll be gearing up for another planting season. And we'll send up the nh3 by the truck load. Might be a better year for us with all the water this time…

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  21. Hi Matt,
    Been a while!!!… Great video by the way.. Nice to see these guys getting the job done, we wish then a good harvest. Sound like a bunch of great guy's.. we have just finnished our 2019 rice planting season, monsoon rains have been a bit late. But storms are coming in regular now, so let's see how we go..๐ŸŒพ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฝ

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  25. Matthew, my name is Matheus! Iโ€™m farmer in Roraima-Brazil! I like your vรญdeos! My dream is visit California!

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