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Happy Dave straps on cash covered boots to hike Rib Mountain

Woohoo Dave is happy because Dave banks at CoVantage Credit Union. And when you bank at CoVantage, you step into more cash. Dave suits up in his most heavy-duty hiking boots to climb the mountain of his life: Rib Mountain! Dave pretends he’s wearing skis and does a “360 McTwist.” That was SO sick, Dave. This snake wrangler has never seen somethin’ this wild on the peak. High-fives if ya like money. Warning! Badger crossing. Dave enters the forest with no idea where he’s going. This double date gets a gorgeous view of Wausau and a show. I love it. This guy’s startled from all the cash he sees. This guy likes to play video games in nature. Dave’s on top of the world. What a view. Dave offers to trade his shoes for this kid’s sweatshirt. He wasn’t havin’ it. But Dave is still quite happy. Nice to meet ya, Mr. Plant. Hmm, his shoulder must be cold. Make way for Granite Peak’s 3rd Annual Hand-Holding Parade. If you wanna be a happy guy, like Dave, and take solo rides up and down a mountain, you should do your banking at CoVantage Credit Union. Get a credit card or car loan or somethin’.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Dave straps on cash covered boots to hike Rib Mountain

  1. "Dave enters the forest!.. with no idea where he's going!…"
    literally me every time I'm dragged into any hiking trip

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