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Hampton City Schools – Back-to-School – September 6, 2017

(upbeat music) – Hello and welcome to WHCS 46 Studios. My name is Xaiver Williams and I am a junior at Hampton High School, and a student representative to the Hampton City School Board. Welcome back to Hampton City
Schools for a new school year. Our reporters are in the field, standing by to share what’s
happening at our schools. More than 20,000 students
returned to school today, and 1,500 teachers will
greet them when they arrive. Diana Gulotta, is at Phillips Elementary to share all the first day excitement. (cheering) – Thanks, Xaiver. We are having a great time here at Phillips Elementary, on
the first day of school. There’s so much excitement. And I’m very excited to be
joined by Elaine Cutshaw, who is a 5th grade student. Tell me how you’re feeling right now. – Happy and excited. – How long have you attended
Phillips Elementary School? – Six years. – And this is your last year here. Are you excited about going
to middle school next year? – Yeah, a little nervous. – So tell me a little bit about why you like Phillips Elementary, and why you like school so much? – I like it because of
the teachers that I meet, they’re so friendly. And the friends. And the subjects that
you learn and things. – [Diana] So tell me, what’s
your favorite subject? – Social studies, because I
love the history that you learn. – History is fun. Well, thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful first day. – Thank you. You too. – And we are also following
Colton Fryer today, he is a 2nd grade student. He is wearing a GoPro camera this morning, and so we are going to check in on him. (swoosh) – Hi, my name is Colton. Come join me on the first day of school. (upbeat music) (bus brakes squeal) – [Driver] Good morning! (cheering) – [Mayor] High five, there
you go! Good morning! – Good morning, Colton. – [Colton] Good morning. – I missed you. Give me a hug. Do you wanna put your stuff in the room, and then come back out? – [Student] That was my favorite one. (students chatting) – [Teacher] Good job, good job. – [Student] Of course I like you. – Okay, you have other sections. Make sure you fill in the other sections. So this is my super family and me, so make sure you draw your family. – [Colton] You glue one part
on this side, or that side. – Okay. – Doing well, thank you. Have a wonderful school
year, boys and girls. Great. – [Student] Who was that? – [Second Student] I don’t know. – That was our superintendent. (gasp) (upbeat music) – [Teacher] All right,
who gives a … Jason? That’s circling it. – [Colton] Let’s do rock,
paper, scissors, shoot. – [Together] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – No! – [Colton] Yeah! Yeah, set, hike! You don’t … Whoa! (laughs) Ow! Ow! (students chatting loudly) – [Lunch Friend] I love you, mom. Really? – [Colton] I didn’t put that. – Knock knock. – [Colton] Who’s there? – What did the ear tell the other ear? – [Colton] What? – What did the ear tell the other ear? – [Colton] What? – Thank you for joining
us in Ms. Boswell’s class. – [Everyone] Bye! – Bye. (swoosh) – That’s awesome, Colton. We hope you have a
really great school year. Xaiver, the students and staff here at Phillips are ready to go. – That’s great to hear Mrs. Gulotta. We have Woube Gebre at Lindsay
Middle, with a special guest. Let’s see who’s with him. Woube? – Thanks, Xaiver. We’re here at Lindsay Middle
School, home of the Lions. Where kids rolled in on the first day. Let’s go inside and take a look. – Good morning, Lindsay Lions. At this time, may I have your attention for the morning announcements? At this time, all students are asked to stand for the pledge of allegiance. I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America. Okay, good morning. – Good morning. – Good morning. – Good morning. – Good morning. (upbeat music) – All right, does anyone have any questions on your schedule? – You guys, I am so very
proud of your focus. Like I told them, we walked
in on the first day of school with a focus and a purpose. And you guys are outstanding. Let’s keep this momentum
going, first day to last day. You promise? – [Students] Yeah. – Pinky promise, let me see. Thank you. You guys are wonderful. – Morning, morning. – Good Morning. – [Teacher] Two by two,
one by one, now. Let’s go! – [Dr. Thomas] I’m Doctor Thomas, I’m your principal, what’s your name? – [Isaiah] Isaiah. – [Dr. Thomas] Isaiah,
nice to meet you, Isaiah. Where did you go last year? – I went to Eaton. – Eaton, okay well welcome. Welcome. (students chatting) – Thank you. – [Dr. Thomas] Our first day has been so smooth, and so efficient. Our students are wonderful. They came in, they’re
quiet, they’re reserved. They’re ready for a great school year. – Thank you Dejah and Dr. Thomas. Back to you, Xaiver. – Okay, thanks Woube. It takes a lot of work to
prepare for a new school year. Summertime is just as busy as the regular school year here for HCS. Before we go, here’s
a look at some schools we recently visited during open houses, band and sports practice. So let’s see who’s ready
for the new school year. Thanks for joining us. (upbeat music) – We’re ready! (locker clicks open) – Whee! (laughs) Yay! – I’m looking forward to science class. – [Interviewer] And what’s that about? – Learning about all the things from history and science, and technology. – Paying attention, getting straight A’s. At least try to get straight A’s. And keep my head up, and never look down. (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] What’s your
favorite subject this year, and what are you looking forward to accomplishing this
year, doing this year? – Getting all A’s in math. – [Family] Yeah, all right! – Being good at school. I like to be quiet in the hallways. Because this is a school. And schools don’t like loud
noises in the hallways. – Ever since 5th grade, I
always have referred to myself as a math queen, ’cause
I just love math so much. But it’s like, I don’t know. Something about math and science, that has me hooked all the time. – Just like did math and then I started getting better at it. That’s why it was my favorite subject. – [Teacher] I have a feeling that you … – We’re ready! – Five, six, seven, eight, hold. – We’re ready! (inspiring music)

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