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Group pushes for closer look at impacts to one of Oahu’s top tourist destinations

JOE: HANAUMA BAY IS ONE OF OAHU’S MOST POPULAR TOURIST DESTINATIONS, WITH THOUSANDS OF ON THE NATURE PRESERVE? THE GROUP “FRIENDS OF HANAUMA BAY” SAY WAS OVER A DECADE AGO — AND SO MUCH HAS CHANGED SINCE THEN. ALEXANDER ZANNES HAS MORE ON WHAT’S BEING ALEXANDER: SAYS IS ESSENTIAL TO PRESERVING THE BAY FOR From the way chemicals in friends of hanauma bay president Lisa Bishop says conservation of the bay is a big concern. LISA BISHOP, FRIENDS OF HANAUMA BAY: 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the bay established is the first marine life conservation district the friends of the bay Bishop says her group has been working with the DLNR to get the city to commission yearly studies about human effects on the health of hanauma bay. initially the city was only going to do one study after we charge them and urged DLNR to urge the city to appear to data, monitor coral conditions, and make recommendations collecting data don’t have a lasting effect on the future of the bay. it is a win for everybody to finally get this study started because there is been a 16 year gap but they probably will not be able to compare the data collected this first year to ALEXANDER:

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2 thoughts on “Group pushes for closer look at impacts to one of Oahu’s top tourist destinations

  1. 10mins of orientation video instructing to not walk on and respect the reef. Go down to the bay and look at all the chinese tourists walking on the reef… facepalm.

  2. Tourists don't get it. The video is a really good idea, but when newbies are out there, they don't remember about not standing on the coral. Whether they are Japanese, Chinese, Haole or local. I witnessed a tourist sitting on a piece of coral, not knowing there was an octopus underneath her butt. I tried to tell her, but she didn't get it. Luckily, said Octopus was fine and so were the tourists. The animals seem to be able to roll with the punches, so to speak. We love Hanauma Bay and we appreciate the dedication of the staff and volunteers. They are very patient. I am happy to hear that the bay will be monitored yearly. It will be interesting to hear what the conditions are now, 16 years later.

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