Great Mediterranean Coast Hike in Occitanie, France | Day 2 – Anse de Paulilles, Banyuls-sur-Mer

Good morning everyone! It’s 7 am now, we just got up from our extreme
set up in the land of the vineyard as we couldn’t find any better yesterday night. Because there’s just no flat surface around. As you already know we didn’t have time to
get to our camping site that we planned in Banyuls-sur-Mer, so we just had to find any
flat surface for a night so we couldn’t find any better. But well yesterday was one of the longest
days and we were extremely exhausted. So today as I said we’ll take it easy and
probably we’ll just walk slowly to Banyuls-sur-Mer to our planned location of the camping and
film everything. And another option would be to go all the
way to Cerbere to our next camping site but it’s going to be, but it will be, the same
distance that we did yesterday. We are not sure we can do that today so we
are still kind of tired from yesterday’s. It was just the combination of hot weather,
our backpacks, all that stuff you know. And now we are going to have breakfast and
gotta get going. Our breakfast is ready now. We are having some bulgur today and salad
with tomatoes, this is our recent favourite of cereals, our oatmeal cookies, bananas and
some bread. Let’s eat! Must be so nauseous to be on board now. The weather is cloudy but it’s very warm. And you don’t need the sunscreen, so that’s
a plus. Just wandering why the donkeys have such big
ears, do you guys know? Leave us a comment. We are in a very cool spot now, it’s like
some kind of park, public park, very nice with the routes and stuff, so much greenery. Lots of nightingales here all around. Love them singing, they’re so beautiful! This route constantly goes up and down and our muscles are very sore already from the yesterday’s, so gotta be strong. Love having these cliffs along the seaside,
when you go around one you see completely different landscape. Yeah and it’s been so lovely all the way around. Loving it! This is the town we go to, we gonna rush now
until all the supermarkets are closed, have to buy some food because it’s Sunday, so let’s
go. Such a narrow way here to make it through. It’s been great on this hike that we are using
almost no GPS navigation at all, makes it just so much more relaxing and peaceful when
you enjoy yourself and your way and nothing else matters. We are at our camping spot just checked in
in the camping. And basically for the rest of the day we think
we are going to rest, take a nap, have dinner, all that stuff you know. And probably we won’t film anymore. So then see you tomorrow! Until our next day! Bye-bye! If you liked this video give it a thumbs up
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