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GrandPrix Low-Ceiling Two-Post Lift Testimonial

My name is Dmitry Dovidenko, I’m a technology
professional and I’m an aspiring YouTuber. You can catch me on my YouTube channel Dmitry’s
Garage. I think every car guy can relate to having
to work on jack stands, in parking lots or even small garages and I had to do that for a really
long time. Eventually when I was house shopping, I realized
I wanted to build my dream garage. I never wanted to work in a parking lot or
in a tiny garage on jack stands again and I knew that a crucial element to my garage
would be a two-post lift. Good news for me came when I discovered that
BendPak was releasing a new series of lifts called the GrandPrix. These lifts have much better clearing that
are able to fit even into garages with shorter ceilings like mine. My ceiling is 9 foot tall and this lift was
able to clear it perfectly. I have an extensive scope of work I do in
my garage. From simple things like brake jobs or taking
wheels on and off the car, I’m also dropping transmissions, I’m dropping rear cradles. We’re going to eventually be doing some engine
swaps. Some work that I do is almost impossible to
do on jacks and stands. For example, installing long tube headers
on a car like this mustang behind me is almost impossible if your on your back with little
clearance. I also knew I could trust this lift because
it is a BendPak lift. I’ve used BendPaks at other people’s shops
before. I’ve had my cars on numerous BendPaks at professional
shops and I knew that this lift would be something I could service for years to come and that
it would be reliable, certified and safe for my use at home. I’ve had my GP-7 lift for 9 months now and
it’s definitely the showpiece of my garage. I’m very proud of everything I’ve built here,
including my cabinets, my workbench but the GP-7 lift is definitely the primary thing people
notice when they come in. Obviously simple things are made much faster
as well. Two-post lifts are some of the most versatile
that really allow for almost any job to be done. I’ve generally tried to do my own work in
fact, the Mustang behind has only had one other shop do work on it which was for an
alignment cause I can’t do that myself–yet. I love having my lift. I can’t wait to see what BendPak and GrandPrix
come out with next. Thanks you guys for watching.

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5 thoughts on “GrandPrix Low-Ceiling Two-Post Lift Testimonial

  1. I purchased this same lift from Best Buy Automotive for my 9' 4" ceiling height 3 car garage. It seems like a very sturdy lift. I'm happy with it so far.

  2. Once your mustang is at full height, what is your ground clearance from floor to oil pan? This would be helpful to know when buying a rolling oil dolly. thanks!

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